Feb 8, 2008

Cautious Optimism -Updated- Now! With better news!

Update: The vet is an idiot.

Update II: Heard from the vet directly, instead of her office. She is convinced it is nothing more than arthritis, likely from some past injuries before we had her. The discs are not moving together, there is no infection, and puppy should be feeling better soon. I am so relieved, and happy to be the idiot!


Your kind thoughts and prayers and ear-scritches and tummy-rubs have all been conveyed to Pepper. She gave the smallest little thump of the tail in gratitude. It hurts her to wag, poor baby!

From me you get my humblest and heartfelt thanks for your support. You Slackers are O-kay, I don't care what other bloggers say!

I was up at 1:20 last night to check on the Pepper Pup.

"What's up, Pup?" is my standard greeting. Of course she started to move and then the pain was so intense she began yelping and trying to move away. Just... away. From the pain. Tail-tucked and head down whining.

Just take me, God, and let this poor creature mend! Argghh!

Up to the computer, I thought about something Pam had said in the comments, and decided I'd hunt down this awful thing. No, I'm not a vet, and I'm still waiting to hear from them, but I'm a sensible person who had seen a remarkable set of x-rays and can deduce what is going on. Barring some sort of infection, it seems she has all the classic symptoms of Intervertebral Degeneration, which most dogs can overcome if they stay still and don't aggravate the blown disc. She has two, in the common diagnosis areas. No wonder she's hurting!

She still has full use of her limbs, and can stand up to eat, and perform necessary functions, so I think she has a good chance of recovery. She's always been a mellow dog, so keeping her still shouldn't be too hard to do. There's only a 5% difference between plain rest and surgery and rest, so I think we'll wait this out.

Meanwhile, her appetite is mostly good and she's on pain pills and muscle relaxers. So, y'know, I can't let her drive or operate heavy machinery for a while.


Erica said...

My fingers [when I'm not typing] and toes are crossed for her...hopefully, your optimism won't have to be cautious once her [I pray, GOOD] diagnosis is confirmed.

pamibe said...

Is the condition unusual for her breed? I thought it was mainly the long backed dogs who were prone to it, but I guess just like us, they can all have back problems.

The fact that she can move everything is a very good sign. The second time Zoe went down with a blown disc it was so bad she lost control of her bladder. And she came back after crate rest, jumping on and off the bed and couches like nothing had ever been wrong!

Praying for Pepper dog. Hang in there!

Mizz E said...

Solid information, prayers and time are a balm for a worried Mom. Hangin' in with you and Pup!

Mad William Flint said...


Teresa said...

Still praying for her. I hope you can get some excellent care for her quickly. It's tough that she's in such pain but even worse when you can't trust your vet. *sigh*

Peggy U said...

We had a hard time finding a good rat vet, and I ended up looking for recommendations online. I just did a quick search and found this group in Florida. They do blue heeler rescues and adoptions, so maybe they might have a suggestion for a good vet in your area:


Good luck with your puppy!

LauraB said...

So happy to read that things are moving in a direction you are happy with! Making a dog rest can be difficult at best though the crate helps.

Safe travels and healing time to ya!

Teresa said...

Whew - glad to hear it was the office and not the vet! Also while I'm not glad to hear it's arthritis, I hope they can help her now that they know what's up.

Gecko said...

My pal that breeds heelers says to find an animal acupuncturist or chiropractor. Her heeler's back went out jumping for the frisbee and that, it seems, is what was called for.

julie said...

I'm glad to hear that she'll be alright, given some time and rest. I hope her pain goes away soon!

Sharon said...

I love Pepper's pictures, you can tell she has an enormous spirit and joie de vivre. I'm glad to hear she has a good prognosis. Poor baby girl! Please give her lots of love from me.

Mattexian said...

I hope Pepper is doing better now. I would suggest feeding her a premium dog food for senior dogs. My sheltie, then 7 years old (14 yrs now), was having problems with climbing up stairs and jumping on our low bed. After we began feeding him a senior dog food with glucosamine and chondrotin sulfate, he perked up a lot and was jumping all around like his good old self. The glucosamine and chondrotin are supposed to help with rebuilding cartilidge in the joints.

I also love seeing Blue Heelers. I had a Heeler/ German Shorthaired Pointer mix name Selkie. She was smart and loyal, ready ot follow me anywhere. Sadly, she died a couple of years ago, from cancer. Please keep posting pics, I plan one day to get another Blue Heeler, but right now I've got more than my limit of dogs. (7 in a city that says 4 is enough.)