Feb 1, 2008

Drive-by Thinking

It really is time to leave Britney alone. Seriously, the poor thing is over the edge. The MSM needs to just pack up and move on to some healthier prey, like Ryan Seacrest or Paris Hilton or some other vapid Hollow-wood trash.

PLEASE, for your own sake, do not buy into a multi-level marketing scheme. Don't make me tell you what I know about it. It's more than you know, I promise, and I've never been a member.

Hundreds of thousands of cold, hungry, homeless Chinese can't be a good thing. Somebody please warn Taiwan. Again. And North Korea.

John McCain tried to leave the GOP back in 2001. Can't he follow through on just one really important thing? Besides limiting Free Speech, I mean.

If I ever take blogging too seriously, will someone please just slap me silly?

No matter what happens this election year, we still won't escape the axiom that "we get the government that we deserve."


Erica said...

Agreed, but one point in particular: Take blogging just seriously enough that you’d be willing to travel to an Alpine Village in north Georgia but once per year. And on your way up, toss “serious” out the window, and don’t look back.

Mark said...

I'm gonna slap the happy out of the first person who tells me we get the government we deserve.

Plenty of people take our election process seriously and do the homework. The lack of brilliance on the part of the candidates and their supporters isn't entirely all of our collective fault.

And as one who learned the hard way, I volunteer to slap the silly into you if you ever take this blogging crap seriously.

Joan of Argghh! said...

...so noted, Mark! It's a collective statement. I never get the government I deserve!

Yes, Erica. At least once a year!


Hammer said...

I've been the target of more MLM's that I can remember. It's probably because I'm a nice guy. Of course being a nice guy immediately disqualified me for recruiting people for a MLM scam.

Teresa said...

Britney? Britney who? I tend to tune out on any mention of that name. Of course it's pretty easy for me since I never watch television news.

Marketing... that equates to selling... since I will never in my life be a sales person (not unless a company particularly wants to go out of business) I think I'm more than safe.

Maybe those Chinese will invade N Korea and go after Kim Jong-il's food... grabbing a palace wouldn't be bad either.

McCain - a Senator - you KNOW they're all about compromise. They don't actually DO they just chat it up.

Serious and blogging - when I put the two together depression ensues. I try to keep them apart - far far apart.

Yes, the collective "we" get the government we deserve. For better or worse. So far we've been able to weather the worse.

Robin Starfish said...

"We get the government we deserve."


Jim - PRS said...

Britney seems to be on the Judy Garland Yellow Brick Road. Of course, the difference between the two is that Judy Garland had talent.

GUYK said...

Britney just needs to start wearing drawers..

"we get the government that we deserve."

Maybe but I'll be gotdam if I know what I ever did to deserve it! Paid my taxes I reckon..naaaa

I just don't buy in to that bit that because I am a voter I have to be held responsible for what voters get..hell, I'll accept some of the esponsibility for the FXXX-ups of the ones I vote for but damned if I'll accept the Fxxx-ups of the ones I didn't and I'll bitch about both!

nonny said...

I feel terrible sorry for Britney, she has nobody to help her, even her family are letting her down and clearly she needs help. It is very sad I bet her family and ex-husband will have no problem taking her money.