Feb 6, 2008

GOP Leadership: MIA

Is GOP Blogland so isolated from the Beltway that we're just not feeling the love from the Republican leadership? Where the heck is McConnell? Why isn't the House leadership getting vocal? The silence from the Senate and House Republicans just rings across the wasteland of the primaries.

I know there is a modicum of decorum to be followed in the process of nominations and primaries, but when has honor, decorum, or any other decent virtue motivated a political leader?

Is there no Senate or House leader that can see the plains of the primaries and not be concerned that the GOP is being hunted down like the Buffalo of yore? Picked off by every MSM outlet, and abandoned by its core, the cold wilds of apathy will immobilize the lumbering beast before it decidedly deprives it of life-giving attention and affirmation.

No GOP leader leads the Party ideologically, either. Split, fragmented and fragged by its own, it seems to be patiently awaiting its own demise. Oh, I'm sure not even one GOP Senator or Congressman believes that their own personal status as a so-called "public servant" is threatened.

But it's almost uncanny, the silence on the Big Picture. It evokes the "hmmm...it's quiet. Too quiet..." dialog in my mind.

I'd love to be a mouse in the corner of the Republican Leadership Council right about now. Everyone in it is likely sucking air so hard the Capitol Dome is gonna become the Capitol Disc.

Either that, or they're all holding out hope for a brokered convention.


pamibe said...

I knew something was off, but hadn't put my finger on it until you brought this up... It's eerie.

Mizz E said...

Ferocious, but balanced assessment. This thing is still fluid. I'm predicting a brokered convention.

Peggy Uppiano said...

I'd love to be a mouse in the corner of the Republican Leadership Council right about now.

If I were that mouse, I'd be running up a few pant legs and biting a few badoingas. Yeah, I think the primary system is totally broken. Guys, I think they should change it to where campaigning is done and finished ahead of the primaries. Then, each state should hold their primaries on the same day. All votes should be collected and tabulated, and the results kept under wraps until the process is completed. I can't see why anybody on either side of the aisle should have a problem with this, unless they are purposely trying to jimmy the system. Seriously, I'm going to look into this. I live in WA, and even the Democrats who live here feel like their vote in this go round isn't going to count for much, since we vote so late in the process. We don't get to cast our ballots until the 19th. By then, the MSM will already have declared the winners and moved on to engineering the general election.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Social engineering is what the MSM feels called to do. Perfect fit with the Democrats.

When McCain silences all opposition with another rapacious grab of the 1st Amendment, it'll be time to move to ... I dunno anymore.

John of personal training Austin said...

The GOP has become craven and has no true leaders. Delay and Santorum are among the few to speak out, but they are no longer in office. Those backing McCain condescend to us telling us we will come around. I hope GOPAC gives him the reception he deserves.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Hello, John. Good comments are always welcome! Thanks.