Feb 8, 2008

Guest Blogging at The Line and Other Stuff

Well, they haven't changed my password on me, so I've put up a Train Wreck of a post over at The Line Is Here. It's so strange to go scribble in someone else's notebook. I'm sure I'll get better at it.

Off to Charleston to start training for my NEW JOB!! And Charleston is such a cool city. However, I need a good story for the answer to the inevitable question, "Who's your momma?" as that is the social strata's point of demarcation in that old town.

I'll be there a few days, so it looks like the Newlyweds are going to help out with expenses by letting me crash there. I knew having a kid would pay off somewhere down the road!

Knowing that the Pepper Dog is not in any immediate danger, she'll stay home with the Jolly Roger, who loves her and will pamper her in style. Thanks again for all the kind words and good wishes and prayers.


Hazel Stone said...

Ted read it before I posted it and he said, "I. Love. That." So shaddap, rabbit, yer doing more than fine. :)

Very glad the doggie is going to be ok!

Velociman said...

When I lived in Chucktown I always answered the "Who's Your Momma?" question by saying "Easy. She's the only one in this town who isn't inbred. Go stick that up your Ravenel." Those SOB's (Slutty Ole Bitches).

Teresa said...

I would grandly state my mother's maiden name as if they should "know it" (even though she grew up on a farm in IL) and then ask "so who's YOUR momma?" Then when they answer... shake my head and walk away saying "never heard of 'em"...


Joan of Argghh! said...

Seeing as my maiden name is decidedly and uniquely German, (very few of us in the world)I don't think it'll go over.

Far better to use the Georgia Horse Thief name I married into. It's more common than a West Virginia cousin.

Ain't that it, ladies? We marry the fame or the shame of the name!

Of course my German ancestor was King Frederick of Prussia, but I don't think the SOB's will be impressed.

Jim - PRS said...

Just returned from reading your guest post. Most excellent, that.

Jean said...

Have much fun! ...and, continued good wishes for the Pep-ah, too.