Feb 28, 2008

Logic Lost ...and Found

I've been struggling with a post for a couple of days concerning the lamentable loss of Logic.

I feel as fusty and tweed-clad as C.S. Lewis saying, "what do they teach children in school nowadays?"

Logic, while not the end-all of a happy life, certainly can be a fine arbiter of a peaceful and prosperous community that finds itself at odds on some matter.

Well, Gail, she of the Terrible Scribblings, has succinctly and masterfully offered to take up the mantle dropped there on the other side of our political Jordan. With a bit of help from another Lewis, of the surname Carroll.

Go read it. Yes, it's short enough for any attention span, even yours.

It's better than anything I can come up with. If I can't be helpful, I may as well be handy.