Feb 22, 2008

Make Room For Beauty In Your Life

The Harbin Ice and Snow Festival. R. Todd King has captured it magnificently.

Go and enjoy. Scroll all the way down. The fifth picture is breathtaking and unbelievable!

Go to the next page and scroll all the way down. Check to see if you're smiling.

Do it now! Your soul needs it. More healing than Obama can offer. Trust me.


pamibe said...

Almost unbelievable, as if they're cgi!
As Fezzini was wont to exclaim: inconceivable! :)

Gecko said...

Wow, thanks Joan, that's certainly made a difference in my day especially after so much sickening Obama and Hilary.

joated said...

Wow! What a show! That almost...I say almost...makes me feel good about the cold temps and winter.

Thanks for pointing out the site.

julie said...

Thanks, Joan - I definitely needed that!

'mouse said...

Beautiful. Need to put that on the list of things to do one of these days.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Yeah, it's definitely a "bucket list" item.

Gotta make it happen. It reminds me of the magic that was Christmas.