Feb 22, 2008

Saving Face... but for what?

In the little bit that I watched of the debate last night, I couldn't get over the expression on Hillary's face whenever Obama blathered on. At first I thought it was just the phony put-on that any thinking person would have to assume on national television, just to endure the vapid vortex of words swirling about Obama's head.

But that didn't quite seem the case. I've never seen her look like that. I turned off the debate for more intellectual fare, Sports Science, knowing that the Vodka Pundit would do the heavy lifting for all of us. Which he aptly and artfully did, and wins for the best quip of the many pundits covering the debate:

6:12pm “Washington is a place where good ideas go to die.” A great line from Barack. But he forgets its corollary: Washington is the place where bad ideas never die.

So after reading his debate wrap up this morning, I hunted up some video. Was Hillary really practicing for a concession speech in March? Were we really seeing the pale and haunted face of very human person behind the scary mask? Steve thinks she came across as extremely weak as a leader.

She seems more exasperated to me. Watch it with the sound off. Her head is continually shaking as if to say, I can't believe you people, how can you be so stupid?. She displays none of the correct visual cues for an exit, gracious or otherwise. Not for one minute do I believe she doesn't have a way out or a backup plan. Weak? Inasmuch as she's exasperated, yes. Finished? I'm not so sure.

Meanwhile, to many she came across as Gracious. And it will be interpreted as the sort of grace that can only come from a position on high. A slight condescension, to remind everyone of her true place. It's a very subtle cue, but her followers will pick up on it and her Democrat detractors will award her large points for it. She's preserving Hillary! no matter the outcome of the Primaries.

Because we keep forgetting that it's not about our country, or the Presidency, or helping the world become a better place, it's about Hillary. Just like it was about Bill. I've never once believed we'd be rid of either of them.

But the bone-chiller, spine-tingler of my morning was left in the comments at Steve's place by one named Cliff:

Her reward for the gracious withdrawal: Obama’s promise to nominate her to the Supreme Court.

Hoo-boy. And I'm sure Bill wants to be Secretary General of the U.N., where sexual pecadillos are viewed as de rigeur and the perqs are international.

They are NOT going away quietly or graciously.


LeeAnn said...

My husband maintains that Obama would have Hillary as his vice prez, thereby guaranteeing he would never have an assassination attempt brought on him.
Self-preservation is key.

MathMom said...


Perhaps there would never be an assassination attempt from anyone else in the country, but what about an attempt by Madame Vice President?

Supreme Court? Deliver me!

Gecko said...

Nauseating to think of her on the Supreme Court. Neither one are going away. Sigh.