Feb 6, 2008

This can't wait!

A clothespin gun that shoots toothpicks! The video includes the expert use of a sharp knife, and surprisingly agile little toothpick bullets, so you've been warned. Do NOT try this at home! Bwahahaha.

It's gotta be a candidate item for the Dangerous and Daring Blog!

DIY Peg Mini-Gun - video powered by Metacafe

Yeah, you'll probably shoot your eye out.

h/t haha.nu


pamibe said...

Whoa... that would be handy to have on walks around the 'hood... ;)

Peggy U said...

"Do not try this at home." You were obligated to say that, even though you know we're all going to go try it now. I can still read your blog with one eye.

Mad William Flint said...

Oh my righteous awesomitude.

Oh GOD I need to make one of those.

Or... you know... 10...thousand.

Jim - PRS said...

If the Jersey Legislature sees this, we'll need to apply for a license to buy clothespins. The license, which will require fingerprinting and a background check, will take months to receive, and will permit the purchase of one clothespin within ninety days of the issuance of the permit.

Don't even think about trying for a clothespin carry permit.

Mad William Flint said...

Planning to make my move I went to that eternal wellspring of miscellaneous gotsy googahs for my homemade experiments. That source of toys for homemade lockpicks and small projectile weapons, prank paraphernalia and such looking for clothespins and toothpicks.

It was only after the laughter died down that I realized how far from reality I must have to be to have asked our office manager where they were kept.


Joan of Argghh! said...

Thanks for that professional insight, Jimbo. How sad that you're right!

Mr. Flint, I expect we'll see all about you and your arsenal on the evening news. I do have visions of mounting a bunch of them on a plank, loading 'em up, and taking a yardstick across the triggers, releasing a swarm of terrible toothpicks on an unsuspecting cubicle dweller.

Mark said...

It needs a stronger spring so you can take out someone's eye from more than arm''s distance...

Zombyboy said...

Used to make a similar version in high school. This one looks like an improvement over the ones that we did. Not that it was my invention. My dad had a friend who taught me how to make the things. Haven't thought about them in years.

Loads of fun, even though they never shot very far and all they really had the power to do was irritate people and make me giggle. Which, really, that's enough isn't it?

I think I'll make one this weekend.