Feb 25, 2008

This Is Your Brain on Blogs

Honestly, I have no idea what it all means. It looks like there are dark and mysterious things going on in the back of my mind, mildly shocking things in up front, sad moments in the waking consciousness, and some sort of mildly flirtatious ideas running rampant way in the back there.

If I use my real name? It comes up full of broken hearts. WTF?

It's more fun to put in other blogger's real names and see the results. Very apt. Heh.

Oh! A big Hat Tip to Julie!


julie said...

When I put in my name with a capital"J," it comes out pretty crazy looking. I have no idea how it decides what your brain looks like. Robin Starfish is pretty hilarious, though - he said it was freaking out his dog :)

julie said...

And if that was totally incoherent, I once again blame the wine...

sometimes I think it only gives the weirdest ones when you've had a glass or two of grog :)

pamibe said...

Half of my brain looked like an adolescent male who had just seen a Russ Meyer movie. And the other half like it had just run out on a showing of Virginia Wolf.


Morris said...

I think that thing is totally random..