Feb 4, 2008

This Woman is Free.

"Oprah says women should feel free to vote for Obama over Clinton."

Well, Oprah, this woman feels free to vote for Substance over Style, Independence over the U.N., Honor over Ego, Vigilance over Pacifism, Clear Thinking over Political Correctness, Fiscal Reality over Ruinous Government Intervention, and Intelligence over Pseudo-science.

This woman feels free, and it's not because of some Amazing Self Affirmation! learned on a diet of daytime ditziness or undreamed-of riches.

Dear Oprah, upon such a time, if you should unfortunately get seriously hurt, and see the deep red life spilling out of you, embrace the urgency and alarm you feel at that moment, get stitched up, and consider what the loss could have meant. And consider that others thought you worthy of their own life's blood, so that you could fawn and fuss over your image, your empire, and your very real, and very wealthy freedoms. Even your freedom to feel charitable toward the less fortunate, is a gift that was given to you. Maybe you know this.

You, Ms. Winfrey, know that you did not "arrive" on sheer will power. There are women around the world far braver than you, and more determined in their circumstances--realities that your personal experience has never been called on to face--who deserve as much, but lack the freedom and opportunity afforded you in the life-blood of vigilant men.

As far as I know, everything that made your life possible is still in good working order. You want to change that? Tell me where America has failed you, and I'll call you a disingenuous lying political, maniacal power broker. And I'll lament as to how you failed yourself and your own dignity by stooping to politics.

Dear Mr. Obama, you too, stand on others' accomplishments and sacrifice. Until either you, or Ms. Winfrey can begin to call on others to embrace and be thankful for, and to be vigilant to guard that precious sense of, Freedom of Opportunity, then you are and ever will be, self-satisfied political hacks.

And while I'm at it, the only REAL CHANGE that needs to be promoted is the idea that, Hey! This Freedom stuff really works! The opportunities, dignity, and goodwill here in the United States are better than anywhere on earth, and are open to anyone who will embrace them.

America. Let's not change this. Let's feel free to do this.


USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Bravo Zulu, Joan!
Thanks for that dose of elegant and refreshing Reality!
I'm fed up with the "change" crap, and those who don't even attempt to see the results of that "change".

Seems to me that too many Americans are too quick to envy, and have forgotten to be thankful for their blessings.
And, they have forgotten this: it can be far more worse than you can possibly imagine.
"Worse" is always preceded by "change".

How about, for a change, bein' thankful and really appreciating your liberty.
How about REALLY supportin' the Troops?
Hey Oprah! How about gettin' out of the despair you have created and embrace, and start embracing Hope...real Hope.
Obama ain't the Moses and he will only lead us to the famished land and that's a promise.

Great post, Joan!

Irrelephant said...

Whew. Anyone ever tell you that your angry when you're beautiful? *g*

Pam said...

Great post and wondeful comments thus far!

I've heard many on TV speak of Obama being so very inspirational. I don't get it! I find him boring to listen to.

Hammer said...

Yuo would think that a self made person would be a little wiser from the experience. Apparently Oprah completely missed the point of her life experience.

Jim - PRS said...

Fabulous post. It is sadly (and aggravatingly) ironic that those who have taken advantage of opportunities in this country and, by doing so, have been successful by any measure, are often the same people who condemn the country and scream for change.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Thanks, Ben! Some day you can tell me what B-Z means.


Hey, Mr.Baggie-pants, I'm still digesting your last post. LOL!


I share your boredom, Pam. Maybe I'm too long in the tooth to be romanced with the same tired political lines.

Hammer, that would make for a whole new, and possibly depressing post: To have it all, and to have missed the point. That will be the enduring legacy of our celebrity culture.


Thanks, Jim. I don't understand it. I can only chalk it up to some weird sort of "survivor guilt" writ large.

nonny said...

What are Opera's motives? In backing him will she secure a place for herself on the political ladder or is it a race thing?

Also, I am growing an alarming fondness to Hillary.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Nonny, hast hit on't methinks! She's a political hack. And it's not about race, as far as I'm concerned. It's about tinkering with MY hard-earned money.

And nobody wants my money more than Hillary. She wants to take it from me and give it to someone less deserving. She's another one who wants to "fix" the very thing that makes her world so very satisfying.

I call bullshit on all of them that want to "change" things. They want change, alright, but I don't have any more to spare. Buncha mondern-day Robin Hoods, except they rob from the industrious to give to their voting public as bribes for incumbency.

A pox on 'em all, Republican or Democrat, who've sold out their honor.

GUYK said...

Extremely well put! Thanks.

nonny said...

You are right, it all boils down to money and power, values, change & honesty go out the window when they smell the dollar!

I just find myself drawn to Hilary when I see her on the TV, I'll work on it Joany, I'll just keep thinking bad thoughts. I'd love to see Obama speak, not because I like him, I heard he is captivating. A friend of mine saw him the other night and was blown away. She still thinks he is a crook but said he sure has a mighty presence. It is becoming a battle of personalities, commercial or something. I am intrigued and following with great interest.

Mark said...

Oprah -

Reinforcing the stereotype of political ignorance in women for over twenty years.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Ah, there's the Mark I know and admire!!

And yeah, pretty much true.