Feb 25, 2008

Why Does Heaven Get All the Good Musicians?

Just... I'm speechless.

Larry Norman’s passing life
Leaves me in wondrous grief.
The Good die young, lay down their strife,
And Death comes, like a thief.


I owe so much. Godspeed.


Erica said...

Regrettably, I'd never heard of him, but I just read the obit, and the part that he personally had dictated near the end.... he sounded lovely.

I was never into Christian rock, per se, but old gospel always moved me, my soul... Two of my favorite CDs are Marion Williams of the Clara Ward Singers, and Loretta Lynn Sings Gospel Favorites.

Godspeed to him.

Joan of Argghh! said...

A lifelong love of music I owe him. I would have never, ever learned to play the guitar and piano, and sing, if not for him.

Heh. That long-haired hippie got his music into the hymnals of hard-line denominations. They'd have kicked him outta their church, and now they're still sining his songs.

God's got a sense of humor. Now he's got a BAND!