Feb 27, 2008

You're Still Not Safe

Okay, so I found slim pickings last night, whilst prowling for blog prey. I was hoping for tastier fare to gnaw on, but only one young and vain troll did I find. He was right there in the unlikely demographic of Rachel Lucas' comments section, kicking things off as one of the first commenters. It was a simple post about Obama's concession to his inexperience just a few years ago.

"cooper" had all the right moves, but one: He was BORING. Unforgivably boring and unimaginative, which makes me think he was young, or a Democrat, and likely both. Hardly a troll-snack, more like a single sesame seed caught in one's teeth. Slightly aggravating and easily dislodged. He only gets points for being persistent. Give him time and enough government guarantees and he'll ripen into a fine bit of online targeting.

It's not worth wading through 40 comments to find his navel-lint or my jibes, but I will tell you that I closed my final comment with a quote from the Bard, just to prove how seriously hungry I was for a fight: Thou hath not so much brain as ear wax.

Sigh. He never returned.

In the meantime, I've been easily diverted by James Brown's happy feet. I feel good! Yeeow! So, you think you can dance? Shit, here's some dancing:

Almost a million folks have seen this, but the scariest part is the YouTube comments proclaiming those pants to be "Boss!". Stupid children. Those pants were covering up some truly fine shoes. The man couldn't have trucked moves like that wearing Nikes and baggy britches. Kids today. Sheesh.


julie said...

Watching him move is like seeing fine sculpture in motion.

Too bad about the dearth of trolls. I suppose that's their nature - they're never around when you want a good battle.