Mar 15, 2008

The 24 Hours of Iron Man

The Jolly Roger and his brother, Dangerous Dan teamed up for the 22nd Annual Florida's Iron Man contest. As you can see, it is a grueling 24 hours of five events: Bowling, Darts, Billiards, Golf and Horseshoes.

Training is intense for some, but for most it's a once-a-year chance to try and not be the Horse's Ass. It's the most perfect Slacker event I can think of.

Oh. You see, if you win, your prize is a bit of cash and your trophy is The Horse's Hindquarters. The object is to NOT win!

The Jolly Roger did his part for the bowling rounds.

He's killer on darts, but they lost anyway. Way to go!

This morning they played golf and Dangerous Dan did his part and the two of them, overall, made par. Overachievers. No golf pics. No girls allowed on the golf course during the game.

You can see how stressful it is to be so near the bar while trying to compete.

Oh. There's only ONE RULE for the whole 24 hours. When the game master sounds the whistle, you can't be more than 5 seconds from your drink. Even if you are playing horseshoes.

Today Pepper Dog and I went to catch up with the golfers after the game. They were still having dart and billiard competitions. Pepper just loved all the attention.

In fact, she's been quite full of herself ever since!

The Jolly Roger is snoring away on the couch, now. He and Dangerous Dan never came close to winning, so I know they had a great time.

If you're ever in Florida the week after Bike Week, test your Slacker Mettle and see if you have what it takes to be non-competitive in five sports in 24 hours.


Erica said...

Wow, for this reason alone (and one other, but I'll keep it clean), I would love to be a Guy For A Day.

One thing I cannot abide, however, is when the dartboard is in such close proximity to the billiard table. Gott Dayum!

In variably, some doofus'd be throwing his darts, and my shot would need to be taken from the end of the table closest to where he's playing...

Peeps who build bars need to take this design flaw into serious consideration.

(Hi JR & Dangerous Dan!)

GUYK said...

Damn, I would LOSE in that competition the first time the whistle blew..why didn't they have these kind of grueling games back when I was a drinkin' man?

Topeka Troll said...

I am proud to say that I am being non competative in about fifty sports at this very moment.
In fact, I'm being so noncompetative that Most people are not aware I'm even playing darts pool, bowling soccer, baseball, football drag racing (with and without heels and a skirt). Need I go on? My chair need more leaning back time.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Yeah, TT, but where's your drink. I'm sounding the whistle...5..4...3..