Mar 20, 2008

Absinthe... on a stick.

Not sure why this made me think of Erica.

Where else but, Uncrate?


Erica said...

We must travel in similar circles, because I found almost exactly - if not the exact - same thing last week.

Cannot possibly imagine why candified Vile Green Shit on a stick would make you think of me. ;-)

I need to order me boxes in the hundred thousands! It could make for hairy situations, indeed.

Teresa said...

Erica is not allowed to touch these... at least not until after the blog meet. For reasons (to those of us who were in Tennessee with her) that need no explanation.


Mad William Flint said...

Meh. Read the fine print "legal" (read: none of the interesting thujone that makes Absinthe Absinthe.)