Mar 7, 2008

Blue on Blue Violence - The Undead Post with Too Many Updates.

Yeah, I'm all broke up about it. Help me out here. Is it a "Black Thing and I Wouldn't Understand It"? Is it a Liberal thing? A Beta Male thing?

Obama's surrounded himself with mean, mouthy women who have no respect for the country he's wanting to preside over, or his campaign, and who are so giddy with the power curve that they think it's all about them: (link fixt.)

Never underestimate the influence of a wife who bitch-slaps her husband in public. Early in Obama's campaign, Michelle Obama could not restrain herself from belittling the senator. "I have some difficulty reconciling the two images I have of Barack Obama. There's Barack Obama the phenomenon.... ...And then there's the Barack Obama that lives with me in my house, and that guy's a little less impressive," she told a fundraiser in February 2007.

"For some reason this guy still can't manage to put the butter up when he makes toast, secure the bread so that it doesn't get stale, and his five-year-old is still better at making the bed than he is." New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd reported at the time, "She added that the TV version of Barack Obama sounded really interesting and that she'd like to meet him sometime." Her handlers have convinced her to be more tactful since then.

If the women around him have no respect for him, why should I?

Oh, and thanks to Rachel for her tireless efforts to tell it like it is about the Obamas.

Update: Ooooh! More Spengler goodness about M.O.!

And another thing, Hillary is no better in her efforts to "control" her man.

Can I just say this? I DON'T WANT ANOTHER "CO-PRESIDENCY!" EVER! I'm not happy with John McCain but I don't hear Cindy trying to shove her oar in for policy and influence. I don't want two Clintons and I don't want two Obamas or two McCains or the Doublemint Twins or Tweedles Dee and Dum, gay or straight couples, whatever.

Stand on your own two feet and let me know that at 3:00 a.m. YOU will be the one picking up the phone and saying, "Shut up! It's for

No, I don't know if this post will ever end today. It's the Undead Post.


pamibe said...

You make an excellent point. But I already didn't respect him. ;)

Love the smackdown! LOL!

i, squub said...


He's got a wife that dares to joke about (what she perceives as) his ineptitude around the house????????

FUCK THAT GUY. Jesus christ!!! Somebody call somebody!!!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Hiya, Squub, and welcome!

Hey, if the incessant man-bashing 24/7 on television, in commercials and now in political arenas is so appealing, I ain't standing in the way of any Beta male that wants to defend Obama's woman for jokingly trotting out that tired theme.

i, squub said...

Miss Argh,

Hi back.

I honestly can't figure out your angle on some stuff, and this is one of those stuffs. My reading of your post here, and your subsequent comment ("Beta male") would lead me to believe that you actually are saying women should be seen and not heard. Or something along those lines. At least in respect to their husbands. That in order to show respect a wife shouldn't talk about her husband's domestic shortcomings in public.

So is that what you're saying? And should men also not talk about their wives shortcomings in similar, unimportant ways? Is it wrong for me to tell people my wife sucks at fixing the plumbing and hooking up the VCR? Is that disrespectful? Or does it only go one way?

Those are serious questions. I'm trying to understand your point. Without it boiling down to anti-liberal in-joke propaganda whatnot that I don't understand because I don't go to the meetings.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Ah, Squub, you really are a good guy. And my "beta male" was a bit of a lesson on how a "joke" feels.

Seen and not heard? Hardly. But I'm not voting for Michelle, Cindy, or Bill. Hillary's remark about her ability to control Bill is obnoxious on a human level and has nothing to do with sex.

There's quite a bit to not like about Michelle Obama, her America-bashing being foremost. To think that such a serious woman has no problem in denouncing the very country that made her podium possible is distressing.

She doesn't need Obama, she's quite successful on her own. She's in a partnership, to be sure, and I really don't take extreme meaning from her silliness about Obama's shortcomings in the home. Also, see my post below this one. (Although, I really have changed the oil, done a brake job, replaced a starter, and done a tuneup on my car when I was single!)

And no, I don't like it when anyone is denigrated by their spouse in public for the purpose of making the speaker seem superior. It's not an issue of sex, it's an issue of respect.

When M.O. starts outlining her faults along with his, maybe I'll laugh along with her.

But my post is not entirely about this one quote, which is by Spengler, and bears his acerbic marks. I've linked lots of stories about the women around Obama: Rice, Power, and Michelle.

It's about women who want to attach themselves to powerful men and use them as stepladders and footstools for their own purposes, and to hell with how it makes the man, their human partner, look. Hillary's doing it, M.O. is doing it, and Obama's own team members are doing it.

You never saw Maggie Thatcher using her husband nor denigrating him, even as a "joke." She was a strong woman by her own right and had no insecurities about her position or her right to be there. May there be more like her. Serious. Strong. Secure.

Hell, I idolized Shirley Chisholm, too! What a woman she was to a young and idealistic girl like me! Someone to admire because of her own strengths. She never once played the female card or the race card, to my knowledge. Talk about strength.

The women in politics today are lesser mortals. Lesser in character, ideals, and personal security.

Lastly, why would M.O.'s handlers ask her to refrain, if they felt that it was being received as a loving "joke"?

As a friend said, "a tickle is a soft hurt, and everybody laughs."

KeesKennis said...

I thot the messiabama did die a while ago

Joan of Argghh! said...

Kees, sir, you will be sober in the morning, and I will still be a pirate. It's a great time to be alive.


'mouse said...

Joan, I must have written, re-written and ultimately deleted the last five comments I've almost-left on your political posts.

I love it when you get serious and engage in the discussion/debate on an intellectual level. (Like in the comments above.) And I hate it when you joke for the cheap bumperstickerish "rah for our team" laugh which is nothing but devisive. I know, the liberals (and even I) do it too, but it sure shuts down interesting debate, which is what you do best.

I bet you can change my mind on *some* of the issues you care about if you keep me engaged and argue at your best. Influence 5 people, as it were. Just sayin'.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Shucks, 'mouse! *digs toe into the carpet*

After so many years of commenting instead of posting, I still do my best work in the comments of other blogs. And even my own.

I'm not so silly as to think everything is as two-dimensional as we sometimes make it out to be, but sometimes, you just hafta poke people to get them to comment and engage. *ahem!*

But, it's the conversation that I really dig. I have no illusions of being a great political mind or even a mildly interesting blogger. And I usually know when to keep my mouth shut unless Sailor Jerry says something different!

'mouse said...

But that's the point, you are much smarter and much better a person than most of the political people you link and riff off of. You have 100-times the *heart* of most of the pundits and the opinionated punks (on either side of the aisle, but esp. yours!)

At the end of the day, I know you and I agree about wanting a country which is internationally respected, whose currency doesn't suck, which has great education and good opportunity for anyone willing to work their ass off, pay their taxes and follow the rules, where the forces of greed are tempered by enough oversight that half of Florida doesn't end up in foreclosure and so forth.

What we (you and I) need is to figure out how to get the rest of this nightmare of near-50:50 devisiveness off its ass and doing something about the things that matter locally and globally.

Either that or let's have a margarita and listen to the band while the ship goes down. I'm mixing -- frozen or rocks?