Mar 1, 2008

Drop Drudge

Just do it... it's good and good for ya.

Venemous Kate has supplied the graphics and Charm City has a grand link-up of participants.

This is not a meme. This is an important statement about self-governance among free peoples and the need to condemn the pernicious leaking of information. Not just by Drudge, but by any other member of the MSM, i.e., the New York Times.

Security leaks can be deadly, and aren't good for the tenuous state of Free Speech. Are you listening, Sulzbacher?

If you take your Free Speech rights seriously, you should also ostracize those who are selling it up the river by their irresponsible exercise of that precious Right.

Drop Drudge. And all others like him.


Erica said...

Honestly, I've never read Drudge, except maybe two or three times was a real asswipe thing to do, and as I mentioned on T's site, if even the ravenous British media was keeping it a secret, they must have been doing so for a very good reason.

GUYK said...

I think you are right and to "drop drudge" is not an attempt to stifle the right to free is an attempt to force the responsible exercise of free speech.

Anonymous said...

Sulzbacher or Sulzberger? ;)