Mar 16, 2008

EVEN Episcopalians

You know, there a large numbers of members of the Episcopalian church who have enough sense of their Christian heritage, doctrine and history to walk out in droves when their pastor, bishop or Presiding Bishop decides to teach all sorts of political agendas as "gospel".

Even Episcopalians. Let that sink in.

If the most uptight, white, and Second Rite members of the most arguably white-bread, milquetoast, don't-make-waves denominations can draw the line and chalk up generations of church donations, building programs and property as lost forever-- and walk away from it when they feel it has gone astray,--- why can't Barack Obama walk away from something so obviously wrong? Will that day come for him, when he says, "my money and tithes can NOT support this sort of rhetoric?

Because, maybe last year would've been a good time.

Kinda late now. Just sayin'.


Army of Dog said...

I grew up going to a Baptist church. Choose the wrong hymn lineup at Easter and you could have a schism. I find it much more likely that Obama isn't as "beyond issues of race" as he wants us to believe. His wife's gaffes may turn out to be a better gauge of his true sentiments than his own rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

Never gonna happen: don't you see? for him there's nothing wrong about it. The church was never The Church for him, forget the 'come to Jesus language', it was the politics from the get-go and it still is: that's why he can never give up Wright and the TUCC. I was a life-long Episcopalian and yes, I left when I truly could no longer abide the religion being forcibly morphed into the HyperTrendyPolitical, but Obama has no such issues: Black Liberation Theology is in its essence Marxist politics with a religious veneer for camouflage, so if you're the quintessential political animal where's the conflict?