Mar 31, 2008

If You Don't Know Where You're Going...

All roads lead there:

Two weeks into this blogging bit and the Instapundit graced me with that first bar of hits there in August. I don't know what his motive is for doing this to new bloggers, because he has been pretty good about giving a big, fat shove to many a newbie, but it motivated me to the point of distraction. Ack!

And so, we thank the BlogFather for all gifts bright and good. I guess I wanted him to not feel his gracious link was wasted. I know and respect the amount of work he puts into his website, so I really do appreciate all he's done for bloggers and blogging.

I know for sure I wouldn't have wanted to keep up this gig without that first bar being set so high. So the dubious blessing of an Instalanche has enslaved me to my own need to surpass that first bar. Et voila! This month closes with a bang and I finally beat the Instalanche month. I'm exhausted.


This month I have to thank the nice doggies over at the Emperor's place f or quite a few, as well as Denny, Rachel, GuyK, and Don Surber's blogs from whence I link-whored my way--either directly from them, or brazenly in the comments-- into new readers. And I guess my rants are popular. Who knew?

But the regulars know who they are, and deserve a special thanks for hanging out with me through these last 8 months with job changes, weird YouTubes, a blog meet, and politics. Elisson is my venerable GodFather, having provided me with my first linkage, and Erica is my GodMother providing me with funny links of encouragement and praise and my first blog award!
Now that I'm thoroughly addicted, I expect the Jolly Roger will have to attend more Blogaholics Anonymous meetings in order to understand the affliction, and to understand why I haven't folded the laundry in six months.

No, I have no idea what this blog is all about. Too much trouble to think about. Where is it headed? I'll let you know when I know, ye muckle-headed, mop-wielding, deck-swabbing bilge rats!

Now, where's my rum?


Erica said...

Arrrrgh, that was grrreat fun to read!!

Lately, though, I'm spawning all these blogpeeps who, uhm...exceed me slightly in age. I reckon in the Blogosphere, anything is possible! I'm friends with chemical engineers, lawyers, financial analysts and house husbands, and, just added to the list, a Goth from Jersey (not sure if he's Visigoth or Ostrogoth, but i'll ask him the hard-hitting questions this weekend). Ay, it's all good, yo.

I do so wish you could come. I will drink myself silly, and have T dump my non-ambulatory azootik in my hotel room, yet again, in order to console myself over your palpable, unbearable absence.

(no one deserved that award more than you, girl.)

Jim - PRS said...

Well, you certainly are kicking ass and taking names. Good on you.

GUYK said...

Looking good.

The acidman got me started by linking me about once a week for a month..he told me "I can get them there but it is up to you to keep them coming back."

You have them coming back.

Franklin Pierce said...

I think it was a comment on R. Lucas's online diary, but the word "slack"

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your continued success. I haven't folded laundry in six months, and I don't even have a blog. At least you have an excuse!

Elisson said...

It's easy to write a blog. There are tens of millions of 'em out there.

Not so easy to write one that people will actually read. But somehow, you've managed to do that...from Day One. I hope you keep at it and that it continues to be fun for you. Otherwise, what's the point, eh?

Joan of Argghh! said...

Well, it's easier to write a blog when you've been unemployed for two months!

Thanks, peeps!


Stephen said...

Enjoy you much, come back I will.

Teresa said...

Elisson said it best. Obviously you write things people enjoy reading. *grin*

I write things... big difference. ;-)

I do wish you could be in Joisey this weekend. Erica and I will miss you very much. We'll have to try to remember to take pics and send them to you. Since I tend to forget to take pictures unless someone pokes me with a cattle prod... it will be up to E to make sure we have some sort of visual reminder of the most excellent adventure.

joated said...

Nice going! I've run into your comments on several other blogs (Don Surber comes to mind) and find them insightful. Same with your "rants" here. Sometimes I just quietly leave the other comment spots because I find you've covered the areas I was thinking of much better than I could or was planning to.

Anonymous said...

... congratulations!.... keep on keeping on, sister....... oh, and happy belated birthday!....