Mar 14, 2008

Is This What, "God Damn America" Looks Like?

(picture courtesy of the anonymous internet. Can't find an attribution.)

After everything you've heard and read about Jeremiah Wright, Obama's pastor and mentor of 20 years, does anyone still believe that picture captures a moment of mindless inattention? Or is it candidly depicting an outright state of mind and heart?

Hey, he can be whoever he wants to be, but that choice is definitely a limiter on his qualifications for leading my country. It's kind of a quaint notion, but I'd like my President to at least, you know, love my country and pledge a troth of allegiance.


Erica said...

He is such an arrogant asshole…I never thought he would make Hillary look so good to me.

If I ever met him, my question to him would be, “If you and your God Damn America douchebag preacher hate America so God Damn Much, why would you want to become president of it?

It’s as retarded as me wanting to become president of the Gaza freaking Strip.

But, as I noted to Guyk a day or so ago, him having a preacher does sort of eliminate the whole him being a muzzie issue, right?

I swear, if I didn’t spend so much time inhaling in my youth, and had the proper education to back me up, I’d feel a compulsory need to run my own ass for president.

The synagogue I go to on occasion, the shammes leads us in prayers for both Israel and the United States.

None of this damning bullshit.

Joan of Argghh! said...

It doesn't automatically discount the Muslim connection. The ability to amalgamate ideologies increases proportionately with the perceived or real victim status.

Voodoo and Catholicism are happily in bed together in much of South America and the Caribbean.

The inner cities of the U.S. are not too different in that they contain a melange of Black Muslim Christians in certain churches. I've met them and spoken with them.

GUYK said...

Now I am not sayin' that Obama is a radical raghead..but among the radical ragheads posturing as whatever to complete their goals is considered to be just fine..

One thing for damn sure to me..Obama is posturing as a loyal American who claims to love his country although he wants to change it..and the change he is wanting is a change to a socialist shithole. And that will only happen after the fight which is why I am supporting McCain..I think we need more time to get ready for the fight..

Joan of Argghh! said...

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend," is a truism of life and war. One doesn't need to feel all warm and fuzzy about radical Islam to appreciate its ability to help you reach your goals, if you're anti-American Socialist.

Teresa said...

I'll give him one thing... he's said all along he wants to "change America". He never said what he wanted to change it into though. I think listening to the preacher, who has been such a factor in his life, should certainly answer that question. No thank you!

pamibe said...

I'm with Guy, and I *am* saying that I think he's a radical raghead.

The change he wants is to pave the way for his buddies.

This guy scares me and I can't believe that so many have fallen all over themselves to support him.
Reminds me of when Dukakis was running. I took one look at him and said 'oh, hell no'... same thing with this dooshbag, but he makes Dukakis look like a Boy Scout.

Kim said...

There's also the Ayres connection. That's special.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Oh yeah, Ayers, too. If Obama's such a great leader how does he keep making these boneheaded choices in the friends he hangs out with?

Topeka Troll said...

Considering that The Wrong Reverand has lauded Farrakan from the pulpit, its anybody's guess.
As I drive arround town, I notice there are several banners put up by the Church of Christ supporting gay marriage and other items that The author of the Bible condemns. This is in Bible belt Kansas.
When I consider how lax Worthless Willie was on the Bible and claiming to be a Christian, It makes me worry all the more about Obama.
He is, at present, my dem choice one because he will be easier for McCain to Whoop in November. I get the feeling though that he is toast and Hillary is about to burn him.
Better this way though, at least for him. If he wins in the primaries, he may not live to the convention with Hillary as his enemy. Better to crash and burn now then later.

Irrelephant said...

I'll say this, and not to add fuel to the fire nor quench it--I have been and am still OFTEN astounded at how few men take their hats off during the pledge, during the playing of the National Anthem, or for that matter during any moment that an uncovered head is called for.

I'd not call myself wildly patriotic, I don't own a flag to hang from my house but I for damned sure know when to take off my topper.


Joan of Argghh! said...

Well, let's see... as a politician, you can't get away with it. And Obama's been a politician long enough. Of course a Chicago politician may have different standards.

I can only conclude that he is naive on so many things: Rezko, Ayers, Wright, and the protocols of patriotism that he hardly can be considered a man of sterling judgment.

If anyone thinks that politics, especially international politics isn't about protocols and appearances, please let that person stay home from the polls.

Jim Ryan said...

Yes, he has that "no, just can't do it" look.

It's ironic that the fascist won't salute, while conservatives love the Pledge and take him to task for it. The Pledge originated amongst his fascist ilk in the 1890's. Learned that reading Goldberg's Liberal Fascism. There's an intro to the issue here.

It's our Pledge now. We've made it ours. Now the fascists are the ones who hate it.

Hillary? She's one of those fascists who haven't any principles at all. So, of course she'll salute without it bothering her at all.