Mar 25, 2008

My Incredible Power to Own Black People!

Oh, not all Black people, just the folks of Trinity United 's congregation... they are MINE!

It seems I was just born this way. My very existence keeps them down. I know! I'm as surprised as the next Typical White Person. I was brought up in a home where prejudice against other peoples was considered the height of stupidity.

Unfortunately, I was never taught how much power I had just by the fact of my mere existence; or how harshly I would be judged for exerting that power over the Black Man just by being my cheerful, unassuming White Self.

I never felt any guilt about being white, or any pity about my friends and school mates being black. We just were. The media's insistence on inflaming racism didn't change my perspective about my friends, or give me great traction in the politicized world of racism. I just went on liking or disliking people based on how they treated me personally.

So White. And American. So naive.

All the while, I apparently have been amassing great hordes of Black churchgoers who are convinced that I own them.

Because who is more a slave than the person that allows another to dictate one's inner dialog? I have the amazing ability to make quite a few Black people sad, angry, bitter, disappointed, and consumed with irrational thoughts about their own behavior. I make their life miserable, I guess. I've kept them from succeeding in business, law, the arts, education, finance, politics and science. (The Black people who have succeeded were also owned by me, apparently, and have nothing at all to be proud of. You see, I made their success possible, so eager were they to please me.)

Yep. I am pretty damn powerful and heartless.

Thousands of Black Chicagoans can do aught but think about me and my Whiteness. I drive their psychological bus every day; because whether they believe it or not, they ask me to.

Every time they decide to think the thoughts they think about me, and become angry and resentful... well, they are allowing me to tell them who they are. I am a deep and stubborn unconscious script that owns their identity. They cannot define themselves except against the template of their hate for me. I am the god of their fears, so they mock and curse my immutable Whiteness with brave posturing, to convince themselves that I am powerless over them. Of course, I never actually show up there at their church. I mean, why should I? They've already painted a picture of me they like far better. It suits their purposes, and I don't have to commute from my far-away throne of White.

I wonder at the definition of someone who would encourage them to enslave themselves to that sort of mindset... I wonder what he gets out of it, besides the tithes, I mean?

So, whether I want to or not, I own these poor men and women. Except, I never signed for them, much less ordered them. They were sold a bill of goods in exchange for their own sense of self, and continually keep paying for their chosen slavish mindset. Like some rent-to-own contract of manufactured self-esteem; the resolution they seek is costly and unattainable.

Well, I'm willing to do many things to help you, my fellow human being sitting there in the mega-church in Chicago, but I'm not going to go away in order to prove to you that I am not your problem.

And I haven't plotted to develop hard-won skills in my life just to keep you from your dreams. I've worked hard because the world is a pitiless shark-pool of competition and I don't have the luxury of a conscience that allows me to expect someone else to back off and give me a chance. Because they won't.

You know, the world doesn't just screw Black people over, the world screws everybody over. That's its job. Our job is to not let real or imagined circumstance define us.

So, you can go on blaming me for everything you think, do, and say. But as long as you think I'm your problem, then I'm your master.

It's just all so tiresome.

Oh. Stay tuned. Next week will all be about Black "Survivor" Guilt: Making Whitey Pay Because I Was Spared the Horrors of Racism and Went on to Make Quite a Lot of Money, Which Has Alienated Me From the "Real" and Epic "Black Experience" and Now I Shall Have to Live a Dull and Ordinary Life as a Successful and Happy Person, G-d Damn You, America!


Erica said...

Oyyyyyy...a slavelike mentality is downright exhausting for those who have to listen to the endless kvetching...

"My life SUCKS because I don't do anything to make it better, but it's so much more convenient to blame others for all the shit I don't do to make things better."

At some point one would think they'd get tired of listening to it themselves.

Anonymous said...

And you don't even realize how right you are, as sarcastic as you may be trying to come across. The fact is, you weren't taught of White Privilege, I mean why would anyone do so?

To understand it would mean to recognize & admit to the inherent advantages you have due to the color of your skin. You can walk into a store & not be followed. People don't attack you in colleges/universities as being admitted due only to affirmative action and not the possibility that you may be just a little smart. People don't assume your level of intelligence to be lower just because of your darkness.

Yes you are right. So white. And American. So naive.

Its easy to take someone's comment out of context and twist them to your own liking than to sit down, listen to the entire discussion/speech & then genuinely reflect on that. Instead of interpreting to the extreme, try to walk a mile in our. Wait, I don't want to come off as "militant" [its probably too late anyway] so not a mile, just around the corner. You'll see the change to be much more jarring than the average "lets put on a fat suit."

And yes, we do get tired of hearing each other complain but alot of those complaints are valid. And in a society where we are the minority, be sure that they'll keep coming.

pamibe said...

Oh, this is delicious...!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
And anonymous [how brave you are!]: you are responsible for your own paranoia, dude.

Erica said...

Ayyyy, yo…not everyone has the world handed to them on a silver platter, and some of us have to work kinda hard to get where we are, and even if we don’t get to where we’d like to be, we have the decency to not blame anyone but ourselves.

I’m as poor as, if not poorer than the average lower-income tax bracket welfare recipient and I’m grateful to the Almighty for days when I wake up with a roof over my head and have more than two condiments in my fridge — who am I going to blame? And where would it get me? I’m a f**king Jew…from what I understand, we are supposed to control the world’s financial markets and Hollywood — where’s my cut? I haven’t seen shit. I thought I was supposed to be entitled to that.

Because I have half a brain cell, I blame the fact that I never finished college and never got myself a job with a decent salary. Did I sit on my ass when I was young? Sadly, yes. Do I blame Joanie or Pam for it…no.

Buck up, peep. We’re a capitalist republic…we have the freedom to make our dreams come true, if that’s what we so desire. Poor people, with less than what we have, have become President of the United States, CEOs, Hollywood stars and baseball players. Go after your Maltese Falcon because the stuff that dreams are made of ain’t just gonna pull up to your front door and unload its precious cargo into your waiting lap…you’ve gotta meet those dreams halfway.

Re: “Its [sic] easy to take someone’s comment out of context and twist them to your own liking…”


If that is in any way referring to Barack Obama and his spiritual advisor, and you don’t think there is anything racist about the comments they’ve both made here and there, which have cumulatively built up over the past few weeks, months, and years, all of which add up and amount to something far sinister than what you would like to give credit for, well…you might consider trying to walk a mile in the shoes of some people who are naturally inclined to bridge racial divides rather than separate them, were it not for yet another anti-white preacher’s diatribe creating yet another a thousand mile setback and driving another stake into the heart of humanity.

We’d be a lot better off without the inflammatory, separatist likes of Jeremiah Wright and Al Sharpton. Some of us don’t think about race because we couldn’t give a shit what color our friends are. How is it in any way fair that those who are racially colorblind are lumped together in the same category as klansmen and dead senators who were pro-segregation 50 years ago? We’re not the same people now as we were back then. I do not appreciate their outlandish rhetoric one bit.

And where I come from, we thank God for our blessings, however many or few, and for being born in this country, which is a tremendous blessing in and of itself. I always say, if you don’t like it, there are lots of other places one can go, where the opportunities for freedom, making a living, and spouting bullshit aren’t as copious.

GUYK said...

Ley me see if I have this straight Mr Anon..because I was born white...well, some of skin blood also...I am supposed to roll over and give up my hard earned freedom to some one who was lucky enough to be born black?

Yeah, I say lucky! Free education..grants to trade school/college of choice even if there are better qualified from other races..affirmative actions see. And I forgot..if one is lucky enough to be born black there is also that minor thing called job preference, again because of that affirmative action thing.

You know Mr Anon..I really have a lot of respect for those lucky enough to be born black AND enough to take advantage of what being born black offers them. But I have absolutely NO respect for anyone of any race color, religion or creed that uses same as an excuse for their failures.

You see Mr Anon, I served for over twenty two years in organization that pioneered equal opportunity..and would you believe that equal opportunity meant just favoritism. And would you also believe that the percentage of promotions to higher ranks was always about equal? Yeah, see those of all races creeds and religions had equal opportunity and those who took advantage made rank and those who didn't complained that it was a biased system..just like out here in the civilian world..go figure, huh?

Joan of Argghh! said...

Anonymous, I have walked more than that mile, but you don't know that about me.

And if you're feeling the backlash of what Affirmative Action has wrought, how is Whiteness to blame for that, either? Your leaders wanted AA, you got it. You wanted equality and were willing to discriminate against qualified applicants to get it. When you discriminate unjustly, you of all people should know how it feels and why someone would cop an attitude.

But no, now it's just one more way to feel victimized. Sweet!

Oh... honestly. You still don't realize that you are in charge of your thoughts. You keep letting someone else's idiocy control them and you don't realize how simple it is to escape that trap and radically change your life.

That you've commented here, makes you mine, too, and I don't want that or need that.

Sheesh, you'll mull it over for days and weeks and it'll eat at you and direct your life, slowly and surely.

I hate that kind of ownership. Be brave and forget me, my whiteness, your blackness, REGARDLESS of how anyone else chooses to view you or act toward you.

If people have a problem with your blackness THEN YOU OWN THEM. See how that works?

You can't do it because you don't want to.

Nancy said...

humm does that mean that half of Senator Obama owns the other half of himself?

And, Mr. Anon. I'd have more respect for you if you'd had the courtesy of actually providing your name.

Nonny said...

I love it Joany. It is about time someone said it. Sometimes you wonder who the racists are, especially in America. My cousin is black, her Dad is black and in all our 25 years the race issue has never came up except for a couple of years ago in New York. As we walked back from shopping one night she commented on how in her whole life she never felt her colour more. I completely agree you know you’re a white person in America. I don’t get it at all, white, black, small, ugly whatever if you what something get off your arse and get it. Stop making excuses and stop trying to make yourself feel special. Unless you are severely disabled and somebody pushes you down a flight of stairs (You may what a choose a different example but you get the picture), you are not victim.

Wondering Woman said...

Your awesome post deserves a brilliant comment but you nailed it so hard I'm speechless.........

Anonymous said...

People don't attack you in colleges/universities as being admitted due only to affirmative action and not the possibility that you may be just a little smart.

Well damned if you do, and damned if you don't ... either way, just DAMN! You complain because you want affirmative action, then you complain because you think people disrespect you because of affirmative action. Why don't you just deal with it and appreciate the fact that you are getting an education?! Make your point by working hard instead of whining. You've got some stupid notion that being white gives you an automatic pass in life. Here's the thing - everybody's got something that has the potential to hold him back if he lets it. Did it ever dawn on you that maybe some rich white kid somewhere feels the same way you do? That maybe he worries he is not taken seriously or viewed as competent because he has been economically advantaged from birth? That maybe he is only where he is because his daddy pulled strings? Ask yourself, do you ever look at rich white people that way? Do you ever feel they are less worthy of their advantages than you?

It's always a whole lot easier to blame failure on a scapegoat than to just power through. There are plenty of black students in prestigious private universities. My kids aren't going to Ivy League schools because we can't afford it - even though I'd like to because I think it could give them advantages down the road. But they are getting an education and doing the best they can with what we can provide. Why don't you just make the most of what you've got and quit looking for someone to blame?


Jim Ryan said...

After reading this post, I'd tell that Church of Hatred, "Dude, you just got owned." Or pwned?

Now that you mention it, I think owned some people. I got denied employment a couple of times because I was white. It didn't embitter me at the time or afterwards. Bet there were some bitter souls sick enough to play that race card on me though. I owned them.

Dan O. said...

Great post!

My money's on Anonymous not even being black. Just another moonbat troll trying to rile things up.

Although I think Jeremiah "Couldn't Be More Wrong" Wright has done a pretty good job of that already.

Velociman said...

As Barack reminds us, just because black folk are nice to you in person doesn't mean they don't vent in church. See? We were stupid enough to think we were all geting along pretty nicely, but Barack informs us that blacks actually hate our guts! Behind our backs! I'm kind of disillusioned, and plan to ask my favorite black strippers if this is indeed so. Could be the end of the Audacity of Grope for me.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Oh dear God, Vman! That's way over the top.. bwahahaha!!


USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Great post, Joan! And excellent comments too, except for that anonymous racist bitcher.

Vman- LOL! That would make for an outstanding book title!

Anonymous said...

Demagogues like these, and their followers, need to be careful what they wish for. A generation might come that neither needs or wants the bromide of white guilt, and the upper crust may go back to the "despise people poorer, stupider and less refined that you are" mentality that has been default setting for most of humanity's history.

Hell, I'm already seeing White Separatists become fashionable in some social circles. They actually heard the defense that they're "Separatist" not "Supremists", so it's okay. It kinda sad when young people feel the need to take the bold ideological move of becoming a Neo-Nazi just to defend the premise of "being left alone" and "being race neutral".

The likelihood of a new mainstream racism may especially come true with the class technological divergence I'm beginning to see. The rise in internet usage is leveling off. Why? Because a sizable portion of the (minority) population in this country is functionally illiterate. So you're basically having two classes emerge: (1) People for whom the internet is a extention of the brain, giving them unprecedented information and personal power, (2) People who don't know how to use technology beyond a HDTV remote control while they watch Flavor of Love and drink Brawndo. One group uses techology, and the other group letting technology use them. Don't think there won't be strange and troubling consequence if that trend continues.

LauraB said...

As above Anon states it is the lack of intellect that dooms people. And the republic. Decades of dumbing down the masses is coming to fruition. The lack of critical thinking ensures that anyone with an impressive podium and appropriate projection can entertain and sway an audience.

The adherents to the Wrong Wright remind me so much of those Germans in the squares...whatever you say, Fuhrer because you're saying it loud and proud.

Amazing how just a few decades of preventing the natural impact of consequence has altered an entire generation. An entire race. Baffling how easily it was done. Truly baffling.

Anonymous said...

Incredibly well written! And so very true. No-one can "own" you unless you LET THEM!!!

fromwembley said...
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