Mar 5, 2008

Not On a Bet

While the world was holding its breath yesterday, anxiously awaiting political outcomes, I was in Lakeland making reparations to the Seminole Indian tribe at their sacred lodge, The Hard Rock Casino. Not impressed, and I'm always lucky enough to always lose money. I hate losing money. But it was mildly entertaining and I can say beentheredonethat. Meh.

Then my S.I.L. and I beat feet back home, running with the tattered remnants of that big storm which did little else but leave a sprinkling mist all over the roads and confuse all the drivers from New Jersey that just won't go back home.

What'd I miss?


Erica said...

Funny about gambling, I was studying the odds on the Mega Millions site last night (admittedly, they are not great odds...especially in retrospect), and emailed a co-worker in on the game, that one of our Mega Ball Quick Picks is #42, which had the greatest chance (3.91%) of
getting chosen as MB over any of the other numbers, having come up 11, Mr. Fatalist emails me back, quick to remind me that he's quite sure all the numbered balls know all these odds while they are bouncing around in their bowl. I can't win.

As for Jersey drivers, they commit, at best, unpardonable road offenses, but since I will be there in exactly a month from today, I'd best behave myself, as I will be in a room FULL of these crazy peeps, and God knows what they're capable of.

Jim - PRS said...

Not to worry. Many of them will be returning back to Jersey soon to make sure that the Parkway remains a parking lot during the summer.

Erica is right about watching her step in Jersey, lest she find herself somewhere in the Jersey Pine Barrens keeping other Brooklyn wiseasses company.

pamibe said...

The Hard Rock isn't far from us... I have a friend who loves to go there... but I HATE losing money, so I never go.

Of course, I will go to Dave & Buster's and play games to claim my prize... the 1.50 towel it took me 50. in tokens to win.

Miss? You didn't miss a thing. ;)

Erica said...

Do you SEE how he is? I make a concerted effort to be nice, and what do I get? Death threats. That's what.


Joan of Argghh! said...

Awright, youse guys. (See? Ah can speek joysy!)

Jim, I'd LOVE for them all to return home. Unfortunately a whole mafia contingency of them bought most of our condos here on the marsh, then sit around and complain about the smell of the salt marsh.

"It smells like rotten eggs!" they complain.

"And that is different from Jersey, how?" is my riposte!


Yeah, I prolly won't make it to the blog fest...

Stacy said...

Gah, you shoulda stopped by for dinner on your way home. We had BBQ chicken, deviled eggs, baked beans and garlic bread...

LeeAnn said...

I have to pass about four casinos when I drive to Civilization Shopping Land (San Diego), and then I'm only a few hours away from Vegas, and yet I remain uncucumbered by bookie-debt.
I have no idea how.
Or why.
Could be I'm saving up for more intergalactic travel? Yeah, that's it.

Irrelephant said...

Gambling. Can't see it, won't do it. I work too hard for my money to go tossing it about like that. If the odds were even a teeny bit better I might think about it, but not this kid. I've got my sights on a new lens for the Nikon and I know the slow-and-certain way will get me there, not trying to count cards against Eagle Eye Jim the dealer. *G*