Mar 10, 2008

Rachel Carson's Legacy, Part 2

"Excuse me. I'm going to need this to run my car."

h/t to Mesablue


Anne said...

You'd be amazed at all the ways bio-fuels are messing up the world, or at least my world. I have two horses. You can't get hay because they hay fields have been converted to bio-fuel crops. But you have to have hay. So now hay's about as precious as gas. Then there's the price of food and milk.

Unintended consequences and all that. Help!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Hi Anne! Welcome.

What will happen when lots and lots of folks have to give up their horses?

The government is the worse arbiter of social problems, scientific problems, and economic problems. So why do we listen to any politician promising to solve them?

armyofdog said...

First we force Sally Struthers on them, then we start using food so we can get crappy gas mileage.

Love the blog by the way.