Mar 21, 2008

Counting on it.

When we lived in Mexico City, I learned to count money in the first method shown on this short video. Apropos of nothing; it's just a neat little look into the things that make us different around the world.

Nowadays, I just count my money like a Typical White Person: looking around furtively for threatening brown people who want to steal my sweet, sweet loads of cash.

How People Count Cash? - video powered by Metacafe

(Man, Obama is the gift that just keeps on giving to the blogosphere!)


Hazel Stone said...

Still a frigging hero to all those merry unwashed socialists. May they all burn in a compost heap. Amen.

GUYK said...

If you got that much money you ain't a typical white person..maybe a typical drug dealer but typical white people put it in the bank and then try to balance a check book after using that damn ATM card and forgetting to keep the receipts..

That 1 Guy said...

What are these "cash" papers?

Joan of Argghh! said...

What are they? They're a poor substitute for Gold.

Army of Dog said...

Yet another way in which we're superior to the rest of the world.