Apr 25, 2008

Hangover Cures and Lightning Bugs

Mike Wilson, sometime heretofore known as Mad William Flint, is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad hangover.

Seems he's been mixing his alcohol intake between some nasty-ass cider beverages and Wodka.

He's a bit bummed that the gallon of Gatorade (Go Gators!) and some bits of bread haven't cured him.

I know I can depend on a bunch of Slackers like my readers here to know just the right thing for him to try next time, since he's determined to go out with the same Farkin' crowd again soon.

Please help. The brain-pan you save may be your own.


Elsewhere, your favorite Irrelephant, like every good pachyderm, is remembering something very important. And he writes about those little points of light in a way that'll make ya smile and possibly forget your hangover. Go bug him over at his place.


Jim Ryan said...

Beforehand, when smashed, drink lots of water and take a B-complex pill before bed.

If it's too late, if it's the day after, then, sorry to say, a full aerobic workout is the cure. Also take the water and B vitamin.

Omnibus Driver said...

A big greasy cheeseburger and a large glass of milk. Works every time for me.

Anonymous said...

No cease and desist. "....woke up this mornin' and I got myself a beer,
the future's uncertain and the end is always near ....." ;~)

LeeAnn said...

Before I go to bed after a night realigning my blood/alcohol levels, I drink huge amounts of water and if possible, have a cheeseburger.
But if I've neglected this and get struck down in my prime (in my PRIME, I tell you! In my PRIME!) by a hangover, I nibble tiny teaspoons of mustard straight out of the jar. For some reason, it helps.
Fortunately, I love mustard. And CostCo has hugeass jars at a reasonable price.

Mike Wilson said...

Ah I appreciate the good turn. Though all I needed was the full day I think.

I'm goin' with Omnibus on this one.

Ordinarily drinking "as much water as I can stand... no no more" and popping a couple pain killers before bed does me right.

I had neither the presence of mind or of stomach to do either.

If I'd been drinking tequila I'd have been fine.

Mike Wilson said...

wait... aerobic? Are you trying to KILL ME!?!

workout my lily white ass.

Irrelephant said...

Aw sweetie, thank you so much for the link! You know, it's probably the Lattice of Coincidence jigging me but yesterday afternoon I thought about you--my office windows face out onto the interstate, and someone drove by in a massive diesel truck with an oversized flatbed trailer and all sorts of yellow "Oversized Load" banners. On the back?

A huge black and brown and red pirate ship. No masts but all sorts of interesting ports and levels and gods I wanted to jump out from behind my desk, leap onto the bike and follow it!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Glad you weren't thinking about me when reading the truck's banners.


That pirate ship was likely headed to my little town. We're due one any day now. Just what we need: more pirates!

Hammer said...

BC powder and lots of water.