Apr 27, 2008

My Newest Piercing!

Mildly disturbing picture below. You've been warned!

Friday night I fell into a pit. Saturday I got into a tiff. Today I got a piercing.

As noted earlier, we went sailing today. Had a Pleasant Day. But Pepper Dog was mad at us for coming home smelling of beach and coconut oil without having taken her along.

So, around 4:00pm I decided another trip to the beach was in order, for our usual walk, Ms. Pepper and I.

I cannot tell you how perfectly perfect it all was, how happy and zen-like the day, and this lovely ending of the afternoon. Indescribably wonderf... SHIT!!!!

Owwww!!! Stupid frickkin' surf-fishermen were fishing on the very point of land where the current was ripping right out the channel. This means that their lines, instead of being perpendicular to the beach are almost parallel. But it doesn't mean they should be unattended. There, in less than two inches of water, laying in the sand where folks were walking, was a three-tiered rig of hooks washed up with the tide. My foot kicked into the rig and, as we were walking pretty fast, 1.5 inches of metal went right up inside my foot and broke off. Don't be a wuss, take a look, no blood:

So, a wonderful couple came to my rescue, put Pepper and me in the back of their pickup truck and toted us back to my car. I called the J.R. and had him meet me so that he could take the doggie whilst I drove myself to the E.R.

The doctor didn't want to futz with it until it was xrayed to see what kind of hook we had and how deep. Now, I'm not in much pain, really, but he decides to numb my foot. Which means a shot right into the wound.

Do you know how many nerve endings there are in your foot??!!! Ay-chi-mama! I came up off the gurney like a levitating monk. Only faster and louder.

After the xrays, Doc comes back in, says nothing, puts on a glove, grimaces slightly, and pulls the beastly thing out of my foot without so much as a how-do-you-do. He hands me the offending bit of a leader-pin, one used for fastening a big hook. NOT A HOOK! We are all relieved, no surgery! Yea!! It is a right-angled piece of metal. The part you can see is only about one-half of the length of the part that was inside my foot. We're talking a deep puncture wound, but small and clean and very little blood. So, y'know, nothing more gory than what you see there.

So, I got another shot, tetanus, and I gotta stay off muh foot for a few days, take some antibiotics. And maybe some Tequila for the pain.

I dunno. It seems that Erica's maimed mojo has moved to Florida, before she could get here.

However, I am slightly disappointed that I'll not be sporting a peg leg.


Erica said...

Joanie, congrats! Now I *know* we’re definitely related.

Check this out…it’s my godson’s foot impaled by a giant meathook when he was working at the butcher shop near our house.

Granted, he was wearing a sneaker, so that stopped some of the impact, but he came down on it pretty hard and it required a trip to the ER. It happened when he was only 16 but, glad to say, he handled it like a man (whereas I would have been crying and praying for a swift death).

A bit of twisted irony, on top of the ankle thing, my grandfather on my father’s side was an amputee below the knee, but he wasn’t gifted with a peg leg either.


Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, back when I ran regularly, I developed a blood blister under a toenail. I decided to deal with it myself (as I had done successfully a couple of times before), heated up a paperclip and burned through the nail to drain the blister. Well, that worked ok this time too except that my toe got infected this time, and the nail started to come off. So I went to the doctor and he numbed my big toe up and cut the nail off. Numbing a toe is a very horrid experience. That's no place for a needle!!!

Suzette said...

Well, could have been worse - at least it didn't involve a raw potato for anesthetic and a sewing needle sanitized by holding it over a lit match, like all my piercings did.

I'm glad you shaved your toes before this picture was taken. That would have been gross to look at.

Hammer said...

Ouch. I hate being around fishhooks for that very reason.

Glad it came out ok.

pamibe said...

Dang, that looks nasty...! Glad it wasn't a hook. [shudder]

Mike Wilson said...

Ouchly crap! *does a weird little dance involving 19 kinds of tantric foot flinching from pain*


(cute foot though)

Jean said...

Holy crap!

Enjoy the tequila :-)

Joan of Argghh! said...

Hole-y crap, too, Jean!

Tequila is meant to keel'ya.

Thanks, Mike. Do toes mean anything in c+++?

Suzette! If I had hairy pads under my toes, I'd jab the hook in myself!

Drilling out a toenail, anon? Brrr! That's hardcore.

Pam and Ham, thanks. I'm mending nicely. Must be the rum.


Anonymous said...

You mean to tell me you didn't get a mirror, gather a few things resembling surgical tools and cut that out yourself? Peroxide, some triple antibiotic and a band aid. Get the tetnaus shot when the red streaks get half way up your calf. HA! ;~)

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hey, I had those red streaks once...I'll spare you the details, but let's just say that a tetanus shot is a minor inconvenience, relatively speaking.

Still hurts like hell though!
Glad to hear you're recovering nicely, Joan! :^)

Irrelephant said...

I don't know, you look to have pretty cute feet there, Joan. I'd hate to see you lose one just so you could be a timbertoe.

LeeAnn said...

Ow ow ow fucking ow! (excuse the french). Luckily for me, most of my piercings are voluntary. Those sneak-up-on-you ones... no thanks.
And I'm sure we can find you a faux-peg somewhere. It's a big internet.

Richmond said...

Yowch!! Even not being a hook - that looks painful!

Hope you heal up fast!

Navy CPO said...

Few things hurt worse than a shot to the foot to "numb" it.

joated said...

Jeez, I hate anything to do with the bottom of my feet. Touch me there and I WILL kill! I had to get a shot for some reason and damn near kicked the doc into the next room.

Glad to hear you didn't have to get cut to get the barb of a hook out.

Oh yeah, don't fret the peg-leg thing. They aren't all that great. You have to watch out for fires, beavers and dogs all the time.

Joan of Argghh! said...

You forgot termites...


Anonymous said...

...and carpenter ants and dry rot!

Zombyboy said...

Luckily for you chicks dig scars.

Umm. Wait. No, that's not right...

Kim said...

Holy crapaloni. That was just awful. Gah.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Zombyboy, you're pushing yer luck, mister!