Apr 22, 2008

N'oreaster Flotsam

You can always count on certain things washing ashore after winds from the northeast. Large piers and planks always make me dream of playing "Survivor" on this beautiful beach and building myself a righteous palapa; several bits of coquina blocks, and bricks and the occasional gold ring arrive at my feet. Yes, this would do nicely.

But last evening was the most dismaying thing to wash ashore, oh, since the last EveryDay here in Florida:

A strange, beached creature, we wondered what it could be, so we circled to see more of it:

Another farookin' Honda. Where could this one be from? Hmmm... Click the pic to read the license plate.

Like we don't have enough of these peeps down here. Only one peep, maybe two, from Brooklyn that would be a welcome sight, here. Sorry guys, really do wish you were here to enjoy this beautiful Spring!


Erica said...

Ayyyyyy, lookin’ good. A hot set of wheels, obviously at home no matter whose shores she crashes. And I knew, immediately, because of the apparent style and grace the vehicle (and, by extension, the driver), possesses, that it wouldn’t have had one of these.

Velociman said...

One car on a beach looks like fun. Call me Moondoggie and wax my board. Then you go to Daytona or St. Augustine Beach and it's like a Fifth Avenue traffic jam denizened by jacked-up booze crackers. They run over girls' heads there!

Mad William Flint said...


maybe? Feh. I'm fun! You'll see one day!

*wags his finger in mock indignation before going back to bounce on his bubble-wrap*

weeee :-)

joated said...


How can anyone comment after Mad William?

joated said...

Okay, I've gathered my thoughts once more...

Joanie, in order to fully enjoy spring one must live through the winter.

And, babe, after the one we had in north-central PA and the Adirondacks let me tell you just how much I'm enjoying this spring weather!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Heh. I sorta think of Brooklyn and Joisey as, "Mutt and Jeff" or "Flotsam and Jetsam." I don't get the nuance...

Joated, I'd die from exposure in the cold Northern wilds of PA. They'd find me huddled in my car, nicely congealed from the cold.

Mr. Wilson... er... Flint, as usual, I have no idea what you're talking about with the 718 thing, but yeah, your bubble-wrap sounds like fun!

Irrelephant said...

How cute! Where are it's flippers and dorsal fin and all that? And did you push it back in the water so it could return home? That's the best part, to me. :)

Joan of Argghh! said...

Dear gawd, a Vman sighting!

Yes, Velocigod, I never forget that whole awful tragedy of the poor girls on the beach. It will likely happen on this beach some day, the damn ecologists keep roping off more and more of the access for vehicles, forcing folks like me to sun myself dangerously close to the only passable hard-pack sand.

The only comfort I take is in knowing that about 30% of cars that venture beyond the obvious main area, end up buried down to their rocker panels on this treacherous point of sand. It sucks up 4x4s and Jeeps alike. Sweet to see the tide come in and swallow them up!

Mad William Flint said...

People's Republic of jersey
Exhibit B


The prosecution rests

Robin Starfish said...

Those things really start to stink after about 3 days. Further up north they get chopped up pronto.

Too bad it's not a jeep; at least they can travel underwater. Jeep wouldn't advertise it if it weren't true. Would they?

Erica said...

Mad William Flint (& Mr. Wilson...one and the same?) is a peep after my own heart. Because, and I am not even making this up, I actually have a sheet of bubble wrap in my knapsack.

And you don't know what 718 is? Why, it's only the most famous area code of the most excellent city in all the world. Duh. Seven one eight represent, yo!

(Note to V-Man: We don't take no prisoners, bro.)

Mad William Flint said...


(Indeed. Sorry for the confusion. I haven't switched all my logins from MWF yet.)

QP said...

[this is just a damn test - it it publishes; delete it :) ]

Jim - PRS said...

Brooklyn and Jersey, no nuance there. Jersey has 126 miles of sandy beaches, lots of horses (it's true), forests, rivers and ... well ... ME.

By contrast, Brooklyn is uniformly a shithole and has her.


Erica said...

Who can argue with Hairboy’s logic? He is absolutely right…New Jersey’s 127-miles of beaches definitely do have it all.

Watch him try to pull the long ago-debunked dooshbag excuse that all those goodies float upstream from Brighton Beach.

Additionally, did you know that there is a Buttzville, New Jersey? Known as the "a**hole of the a**hole of the USA!"


Oh, wait, don't stop me now:

Q: Why do the seagulls fly upside down in New Jersey?

A: Because they can't find anything worth crapping on.


Target rich, that Fart-On State, and I could think of at least one peep whose GFH™ deserves being farted on. Such a fresh mouth.