Apr 10, 2008

O hai...

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76 degrees and the beach is 5 minutes away and it's only 5:00. Here in the sunny South we still have almost three hours of luscious daylight left.

Sand Dollars and Starfish are waiting for me to find them.

Blogging can't touch that.


Anonymous said...

Pictures of your grand day out, please! :)

pamibe said...

"Blogging can't touch that."

You've got that right. We're ten miles inland, so it takes a while longer to get to the beach... and I miss it. Need to make more of an effort.

Happy collecting! :D

Omnibus Driver said...

Pthbbbbbbbbbttt! That's just not fair!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Ha! Leslie, you're too crippled to walk around yet, aren't you? Pbbbttt!

Pam, I find that I am a victim of past curses I breathed upon folks who lived on the beach but never enjoyed it. Now that I'm living on the marsh, it's easy to hop over the ICW to the point. Never fail to enjoy myself, but I always have to make myself decide that life is too short not to go for a walk with a dog on a beautiful beach.

You should see the dust bunnies!

Anonymous said...

Mheh. My dust elephants can eat your dust bunnies!