Apr 14, 2008

Solid Gold Charm

Just in case you haven't had your cackleberries and jumpstart yet this morning, head on over to GuyK's place for some political insight that is wasted on today's yutes:

I think I know why those of old tolerated a monarchy. They knew the politicians were gonna fuck them regardless so why put up with a bunch of them fucking you when you can settle on just one to do it. The kind kills all the competition and you just get fucked over once by the king. Then if the king fucks you too much you kill him and select another one...worked for eons until some smart men in the USA decided that they could rule themselves...well, they could.

But I ain't all that sure about the sheeple in this country today. They are dead set on turning this great constitutional republic into a democracy..and I would rather have tyranny by a king than tyranny by the majority..a king is easier to get rid of.

I always say that Republicans lie. Democrats lie, too. It's up to us to pick whose lies we like more than the other.


GUYK said...

I have not given up on the republic yet...I think we still have a chance to hold on to it for a few more years but it is crumbling from within..and once it becomes a democracy it will be gone.

And the hell of it most of the public doesn't know the difference between a constitutional republic and a democracy...

Anonymous said...

LOL! Now that's an interesting perspective. Hadn't looked at it that way.