Apr 4, 2008

Wind Owes

I owe the wind so much
because it turns every little unit of my building
that has left a window open to the salty breezes
into an aeolian harp
cooing and moaning fretfully in turns

I walk down the street and listen to the intonations
the altos caused by stingy window-cracks
the moaning tenors of bravely hoisted sashes
and the low buzzing hum of aluminum downspouts droning
the chordal anchor
as the wind works its fingers through and over all

Relentless and constant
It makes me imagine a row of mournful giants
thirty feet high on either side
lining my way to the marsh
where I shall tarry, and consider their lost loves
and glorious battles, remembered in awe-ful warrior songs
that lead me down to the shore of something forgotten
before I was born


Anonymous said...

... beautiful...... very, very nice....


Joan of Argghh! said...

High praise, indeed, sir. I humbly thankee.