May 30, 2008

Big Plans

If there were some way to illustrate to my 10 readers what it's like to live in my little town, this picture would be my best response to the challenge. Except that it is a lie; she is actually a coiled spring of endless energy and thus, like me, the picture of potential. Yeah, that's it.

While outwardly she seems the epitome of inactivity, inwardly she is dreaming bigger dreams and making bigger plans than a large percentage of the population around me. She has plans for laying in the sun on the back porch and sniffing all the critters just below her in the marsh. Then, she has plot to perform a "Dog-a-lanche" down the stairs when I return from work.

Next, she'll run outside and chase lizards and hateful squirrels around the condo to prove to me that it's 5:00 and she really is hungry, because that is her motivating force in Life: Kibble.

Then, she'll try to convince me that there are birdie-butts that need biting; lazy little skimmers and gulls that need to get a move on, and get off of her beach. This is her biggest, most well-thought out plan for her day. When that plan is foiled, she reverts to The Slack and assumes the proper attitude of the world around her, "hope deferred maketh the heart sick..."

But all the while, she has a plan to bird-herd, surf, swim and run until I rattle her bowl with kibble. Yep. When that desire is realized, her life is pretty well complete. It's a dog's life, after all.

LOLDog Caption update: Sleenkie. ur doone it rong.


pamibe said...

Awww... she's the perfect little slacker!

Bree's the same way; you know they aspire to more than just lazing at our feet and looking forward to the next dish of kibble. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dogs know. ;~)

joated said...

Yep, she's got potential. She's not onthe bottom step and therefore will release that potential when she rolls the wrong way and falls down the stairs.

JihadGene said...

I take life as my dog does.
1st- see if ya can play with it.
2nd- see if ya can eat it.
3rd- if 1&2 fail then just piss on it and walk away happy.JG

diamond dave said...

That's the kind of life I enjoy.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Heh! The picture of perfect Slack!

Anonymous said...

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