May 16, 2008

I'm Expecting!!!

...a new arrival will be here soon,

a sweet bundle of joy,

I can't wait to cradle it my hands!

Here's the sonogram:

You know what this means? Blogging from the pool! Provided by Wi-Fi from the clubhouse. With a built-in web cam! We're talking major Slackitude while blogging beneath the palm trees, with sun-warmed tootsies, wide-brimmed beach hats, and stunning views of the wild marshes all around. And small enough to toss into my beach bag or purse without looking like a total geek.

Got the XP Home version pre-installed, too. Vista.Must.Die.

You gotta know that I rarely buy toys for myself, (why should you when you're married to the Stud of Chalet Kristy? -ed.) but this little bit of fun has been calling my name for a month now!

Shipping on Monday. Ha! My Eee PC 900 shipped Friday night! It'll be here on Wednesday!



Erica said...

Mazel tov on Mrs. Slacktor! (kind of a play on Mr. Raptor)...but Joanie...that photo...Oy!! Makes my sorry, drunkinated heiney look like the Slut of Chalet Kristy.

Christ, whoever took that pic...I will haunt them in their dreams with incessant whining and kvetching for all eternity.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Uh-oh. Look out, Leslie!

GUYK said...

My laptop has problems with it. I have a wireless router hooked in to my roadrunner cable and I can use it anywhere in the house or within a couple of hundred feet of the house..but I like my office PC better

Joan of Argghh! said...

But Guy, as I am loathe to use a mouse, and hate having to hunt files "google style" in Vista, it has become my arch-nemesis. It is very mouse-intensive and is a memory whore from hell.

Yes, the admin features are more secure, but, someone please tell me how to do a search on a file suffix in Vista, and I'll grudgingly back it down a notch or two. Until then, Vista.must.die!!!!


GUYK said...

LOL I have a small wireless mouse I carry in my laptop fingers just will not do the walking on a laptop..

I have XL media center on my PC..I like it and it is what I use most of the time. I bought the laptop for traveling and sweetthing uses it once in a while..neither of us use it for anything but bloggin..the damn Vista is not compatible with my scanner/printer and I'm to cheap to buy one for it although I did spring for some decent speakers for tired of that tinny sound out of them

Mike Wilson said...

Ooh Ooh Where'd you get it?

I order myself to know!