May 12, 2008

Monday Monday

Sigh. No sailing this past weekend as the Perfect Storm decided to roll in right around our sailing time, so our Captain eschewed any further adventures for the day. We did get to drive home Sunday through the tornado activity so, yea, us! 40 mph gusts as we topped the Dames Point Bridge in the Jetta. Yeehaw!

Let's see: Friday afternoon I spent $210 on three little Bits of Lace, per the D.I.L.'s insistence. I cannot think of a better investment in beauty and style.

Friday evening we were feted with a platter of charcuterie, lovingly made by our Personal Chef. The paté, replete with rum-soaked raisins and pistachios was even better than the braised beef ribs over mushroom risotto.

That night, we girls went to a surprisingly well-produced play, "Enchanted April" with a beautiful cast and stunning staging and scenery, presented in a shopping center storefront with about 140 guests. Perfect! The guys hung out at The Smoking Lamp cigar shop and then went to hear some jazz at the Charleston Grill.

So, we girls met up with them there. Possibly the hottest jazz trio, The Quentin Baxter Ensemble, the same as pictured in the link, as I've ever heard. Excellent evening all around.

Saturday was spent on the main square, enjoying the local tent market, eating mini-donuts, crepes, omelettes, and watching the world go by. Another visit to the cigar shop, (they tolerate us because our Personal Chef brings them offerings of paté), a bit of quiet reading, naps all 'round and a very late dinner at the SNOB to round out the day. Just have the Duck Confit. Shut up. You can try the Rack of Lamb some other time.

We raced home on Sunday only to find parts of our area on fire! Eeek! Part of my new job can sometimes involve mobilizing volunteers in such a situation. No phone calls, so, whew! Luckily, Monday morning arrived fairly quiet, but it meant much scrambling to assemble resources and make contingency plans for relief efforts, should they be necessary. All is quiet now that I'm home tonight.

I need a vacation.


Mike Wilson said...

"spent $210 on three little Bits of Lace,"

Pics or it didn't happen.

(*crosses his fingers hoping he'll get away with this*)

Jean said...

What an awesome weekend! Good for you and all.

(let's hope and pray we don't repeat the summer of '98)

Joan of Argghh! said...

Ah, Michael, just click the link and let your imagination do the rest. All I'll say is that I look fabulous in orange and black...

Jean, I spoke with FPL today down your way, they say it's just a'burning down the LPGA area. Stay safe! Don't make me come and get you!


Irrelephant said...

Fire! Cigars! ENVY!

Omnibus Driver said...

The Princess Mom and I were also in Charleston on Saturday. It's a small, small world.

julie said...

Bits of Lace, huh? I'd never heard of that one; they seem to have a lovely selection. Thanks for the link, Joan ;)