May 24, 2008

Who Needs Baseball when Politics is Bloodsport Again?

That cold chill running up Obama's spine-- nothing at all like the thrill running up Chrissy Matthews' leg-- is being caused by a breezy little comment made by Herself. The chilly draft finds its impetus in the graves of Ron Brown and Vince Foster.

As I commented over at Guy's place, "inadvertent" can never be applied to anything that escapes the mouth of these brutes. It's an ill wind, for sure. But extra points to the Clintons for making the most use of their reputation for unfortunate friends. Who says long dead friends can't be useful?

I got questions. Way too many, and I'm no political wonk. But man, what a season!! Hillary slams one down the Left Field baseline and all the umps rightly call it foul.

Were Hillary's inadvertent remarks tossed out there knowing that amongst the madding crowds would be some idiot who would believe it was a voice in their head, urging action?
Were they meant to throw Obama off his game? Draw some stupid remarks from him?
Were they meant to clear Obama's bench and get Michelle back onto the field? Cuz you just know that Michelle's not gonna be quiet about this.

Or is Hillary tired again and we're being treated to unvarnished truth about her thoughts?

Nobody knows arrogant ass-hats like Hillary knows arrogant ass-hats. And Obama's most vulnerable trait is his supposition to power. This little snap should send him right into obnoxious orbit. Because while everyone is seeing "assassination" in her remarks, she knows full well that Obama is seeing himself compared to JFK!, with all the adjunct ascendancy of unchecked, soaring thoughts.

I think this will get Obama so high on his own importance that he won't care what he says. He already doesn't care very much, until the media coaches him to bunt. But he'll swing for the fences anyway, after this.

My wishful thinking is that Obama Unchained will now say everything his illiterate wife is thinking. Do you doubt that he'll feel a mandate to speak in a manner unafraid of consequence? Don't you think his moonbattery will intensify to the point that even the Libtards will recoil?

I dunno. The illiberal Left haven't recoiled at much except the price of gas. And they won't accept the blame for that, either.

Whatever else, within the arena of non-mortal combat, I'd like to think that Hillary's dangerous muse means nothing more than a verbal curve ball. It's up to Obama to make of it what he will.

I'm just sitting in the stands yelling, "swing, batter, batter!" because in my mind he's too weak to ever hit one out of the park.


Mrs. Who said...

Oooh, I like how you think! Very interesting observation about Hillary. She is a very smart woman, too smart to be 'inadvertent'.

Joan of Argghh! said...

It scares me how much I can conjecture about her. Maybe it's an X-ray into my own dark soul!



GUYK said...

LOL thanks for the link Joan. I don't trust the Clintons at fact I have this gut feeling they are members of organized crime or something...too many dead people left in their wake.

But I think the nomination is gonna be about who's ties to organized crime is the strongest..the Chicago mob against the NY mob..and you are right it could get bloody

Kim said...

Hee hee hee. Love this post.