May 17, 2008

You Can't Get Here From There

Sylvia winced when she read the paper, knowing that the inevitable question would be trotted out, yet again. It was easy enough to derail Rebecca's overwrought fantasy of a, "marriage" when it wasn't a legal option. Now... well, now Sylvia cursed under her sighs of resignation that this would be the end of her LUG (Lesbian Until Graduation) lifestyle that had spilled over into too many years of her 20s. It had suited her independent Feminist nature; and it kept her out of the competitive hetero dating scene long enough for her to jumpstart her career. She wasn't so cold as to deny that on a very selfish level she enjoyed the sympathies of Rebecca's innocent company. Maybe she even loved her--

She sighed again and surprised herself by saying out loud, "I need a man, a home, a family."


Oh, what? You want an explanation? It's Ben's fault. Some memes never die.


julie said...

Good one, Joan - I wish I had time today to think of the next chapter :D

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Heh! Shades of Dr. Hook. Oh wait, that was Sylvia's mother.
Well, there's still time to squeeze her into the story.

Thanks for the contribution, Joan!
If you get the hankerin' to write another chapter (or more) you have an open invitation.

Anonymous said...

Well, here's a thought: there are scholarships and grants to be had by gay college students. One more reason for Sylvia to be LUG.

Anonymous said...

... the only man MY Sylvia needs is ME....