May 28, 2008

You There, Scott McClellan! May You Live Forever.

Really, I hope Scott makes a bunch of money on his book, because who's gonna hire him after this? I mean, besides Arianna Huffington?

What a piece of work. If this stunt doesnt prove he's an outright whore for money, he would at the least have us believe him to be an embittered, underpaid prostitute the whole time he was in the White House. An inglorious set of choices.

Miscreant ingrate.


pamibe said...


Hey, my brain's fried so I'm just giving you a ditto. ;)

Erica said...

Not to mention a turncoat dooshbag f**kface. Shit like what he did almost makes me wonder, who else within our ranks would pull smething so low. To me it's akin to Denny joining Code Pink...a big, huge WTF.

Joan of Argghh! said...

I was watching 300 again the other night. Leonidas couldn't stop the traitor after the deed was done, so he cursed him with eternal knowledge of his mortally wicked choice.

Erica said...

Definitely not a fate I could live with. Hopefully McClellan is satisfied with his smug, rolling in dough self.

(I had forgotten about this all day until just now and remembered that when my clock radio with the news station on failed to wake me up this morning, I dreamed about it, and recall being *particularly* cheesed off in the dream.)


Anonymous said...

He's just gassed his Mom(?) ran for POTUS of TEXAS v Dubya's boy(Perry) and got less than zero support from anybody on planet Earth. I'd say that was kinda girly(book reaction) BUT since Joan is a girl(with pouty red lips, cigarette dangling from - remember?) I'll just say it was pretty effen GAY! ;~)

Joan of Argghh! said...

Good grief, that comment can only come from Glasr!

I wish I understood it.

And, no cigs. Cigars, yeah, maybe.


Anonymous said...

PS BASTIDGES! Love that erica! Add Witchlette and Bitchlette to that repertoire! ;~)

Anonymous said...

Look Honey, you published the painting and to me that is YOU! How's the new gig turning? I know it's late BUT how was Mothers Day? Luv ya! Be in Msippi @ D-Day, sumpin like that. You know, when you're out of work things get fluid. HA!

PS Pretty sure it was his Mom. ;~)

'mouse said...

You know me. I'm a Yeller-Dog Democrat who doesn't care to change or get worked up about politics. I have even less interest in tell-alls or the like on either side of the aisle. I see enough ugliness in real life that I value my reading time for mostly fiction/escapism.

But the dichotomy between loyalty and what, in the very limited soundbites I've heard, sounds like really scummy politics which might (and I stress, might, because I haven't read all that much yet, must less been there as a fly on the wall) have occured inside the administration, which could well be deserving of expose and whistleblowing, is really interesting.

Mostly I just wake up every morning and give thanks to the powers above that I am not Chief Flack for any politicritter.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Mmmm! Yeller-dawg Democrats! My favorite kind of Democrat. Reminds me of home. ::sigh::

All of the posturing aside, Bush has misplaced many of his loyalties at the cost of his base. He, in a true non-partisan spirit, kept many enemies in their positions of power when it was perfectly within his political right(not that the media would admit it) to fire them and hire his own. Some think that is a crime when a Republican does it.

Still, I think it's a crime against his own vision when he didn't fire a bunch of sworn enemies. Politics is no place to be "the better man," if you can't be the smarter man.

But McClellan is disingenuous, and has 39 pieces of silver from George Soros in his back pocket and a bright future for about another 17 minutes. He's a buffoon, and his loyalty cannot be relied on, no matter what your political stripe.

Would you hire him?

Dash said...

Being in Austin, I think I've heard almost every conceivable reason why he did this. When his mom, Carolyn Keaton McLellan Strayhorn Rylander Pierce Fenner and Smith was thrashed by W's successor for governor this last time, she probably told him, "Boy, who's your loyalty with, him or me?" That, plus he figured once the word got out that he had already experienced the Peter Principle and would probably never get another job anyway, he went for the dangling carrot. I think if Scotty wants to retain any credibility whatsoever, he should pledge all proceeds to the wounded veterans and families of fallen soldiers of the war he so adamantly detests.