Jun 27, 2008

Happy Father's Day, Billy Ray Cyrus!

Dear Miley Cyrus:

One question. Where was your Dad during this photo shoot?

Miley Cyrus is 15 years old. The photo above is fairly tame in technicalities, and horribly over-sexualized in the details; mostly the makeup and lighting. It's raw and unnerving. Vanity Fair, indeed.

This picture can't even be construed as a young innocent girl on the verge of womanhood; there's not even a hint of innocence or young modesty. She stares boldly at the camera and either has no idea what someone has talked her into, or she knows exactly what sort of response a picture like this will evoke in the male psyche.

Either way, Dads were invented to forestall and avert this sort of dilemma for young girls. Dads know a thing or two that 15 year olds do not know about men. Well, most Dads.

What do I know? I mean, I remember a Polaroid picture of me posing on the diving board in my bikini when I was 15. Smiling like an idiot, goofy and unsure, cute and maybe a bit flirty... but the modesty was evident and appropriate. A young woman on the verge perhaps, but not yet ready to look like I'd spent a disheveled night between the sheets. Gah!

No little girl deserves to be looked upon like a slut before she is one.

But maybe I'm wrong on this. I mean, look where it got Brooke Shields.

What say you: Is this pic Trailer Trash or Art? Would you let your daughter pose like this?


GUYK said...

maybe she's got a achy breaky heart

diamond dave said...

Can you say Hell No?

LauraB said...

It reminds me of an old painting of an anonymous street urchin tho I can't say by whom. Still, it went from art to smut in a moment. Of course, I'd love to see the straight out of the camera shot vs. what was done digitally.

The lipstick for one thing...the shadowing for another and I feel certain it wasn't...I don't know. There is still a sense of "are you sure?" in her eyes.

Regardless, she definitely should have been accompanied to the shoot and this frame relegated to a personal and private collection for herself. Poor thing. Someone told her something to make it seem reasonable.

Velociman said...

I think Annie Liebowitz's cock was hard the entire photo shoot, for what that's worth.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Quite likely, Vman.

I didn't have a second thought about posting this exploitive picture because this stupid bint of a girl is still going on about it as though it was all her decision and now she can be more "relative" in the fact that she's not perfect in her judgment. Well, duh! You're 15! You don't need to prove to anyone that you might be lacking in judgment!

Her worthless dad still hasn't come forward to defend her or cover for her or even convey his displeasure. And she talks like she's in charge of her life already, so I'm guessing that this pic is a reflection of how she dictates to her betters what decisions are best for her.

She obviously doesn't care what anyone thinks, she's just worried about all that sweet money she earns from her "innocent" gig as HM.

Move over, Paris Hilton. She's a quick learner.

Kim said...

The picture has that dark, grainy creepy aspect to it that obliterates all innocence or naivete. Ick.

Jean said...

Billy Ray should have been castrated at birth.

Michelle said...

In my humble opinion..... the girl needs a horse & a parent. The horse to get her mind off of such nonsense and the parent to knock some sense into her.

This is yet another example of the ruin rich parents have given their children. Saying no may be difficult but is certainly beats the alternative.

Anonymous said...

.... for what it is worth, this photo didn't do a thing for me.... art?... maybe...have you seen what passes as 'art' these days?..... I don't really get it..... but sexual?.... I don't see that either....


eros said...

What are you all talking about, it is sexy, it is hot, and it is artistic. I don't see why something can't be both, in fact, to speak truly, what is most beautiful usually is.

Some of the commenters here need to control their rage i think, She's a big girl, she can take care of herself. America (I'm Australian btw) gets too uptight about things like this. Think back to when you were 15, most people that age these days *are* spending a night between the sheets. Better i think that the beauty of the world is accentuated, and that emotional depth is encouraged, because to me this is not pornographic in the least, and sexuality and pornography are by no way the same thing, a differentiation it is psychologically harmonious to grasp.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Hey, if that's the standard you've set for your 15 y/o daughter, go for it. No man will want her when she's 22 and diseased. I will remain in my own opinion of such a standard, for indeed, it is only an opinion. If you don't care what my opinion is, why comment?

Moreover, my art subjects are mostly nudes from live models, so go spout your preconceived notions of "uptight" somewhere else. No one said it was pornographic, either. It's a cfm look, however she arrived at it. I'd never let a son of mine near her.