Jun 24, 2008

Horse Latitudes

The whole of the blogosphere is suffering from the Summertime Blues. The becalmed winds and slack sails are just enough to make bloggers want to start tossing the oaters over the gunnels; pitching and yawing toward the ill currents of a national election that no one is excited about.

Just this week I know of more than three bloggers whining about their readership going down. One even quit outright. (Okay, he didn't exactly quit...) Heck, everyone's hits are going down. If they tell you different, they're either lying or they're posting pics of girls in summer bikinis to keep 50% of the hits at least.

Meh. In the long days of summer, it's too tempting to be outside and carpe the damn diem. Once back inside, the temptation is strong to sit back and be entertained by someone else's writing while one sips tasty vodka novelties. Problem is, everyone's got the same idea: why write?

It's dead, Jim.

Millions of bloggers in sync with the drag of nature's annual Global Warming: Summer.

So, being lazier than a bluetick hound on a Tennessee porch, I decided to just steal a meme that's not too taxing. El Capitan stole it from someone else, so I'm just gonna ape the Baboon Pirate and go with it. I may even be too lazy to put in my own answers on each question, so I'll leave you to wonder...

In a Word:

1. Where is your cell phone? purse

2. Your significant other? gloating

3. Your hair? fabulous

4. Your mother? valhallah

5. Your father? lamentable

6. Your favorite time of day? Night

7. Your dream last night? sleep

8. Your favorite drink? tall

9. Your dream goal? attainable

10. The room you’re in? colorful

11. Your ex? nonexistent

12. Your fear? conquerable

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? content

14. What you are not? finished

15. Your Favourite meal? shared

16. One of your wish list items? This

17. The last thing you did? typed

18. Where you grew up? barn

19. What are you wearing? smile

20. Your TV is? Dead

21. Your pets? goofy

22. Your computer? bitchin'

23. Your life? surprising

24. Your mood? mellow

25. Missing someone? Paul

26. Your car? Jetta

27. Something you’re not wearing? out

28. Favourite store? Dollar

29. Your summer? mahvehlous!

30. Your favourite colour? Red

31. When is the last time you laughed? today

32. When is the last time you cried? hellifIknow

33. Your health? comfy

34. Your children? talented

35. Your future? inevitable

36. Your beliefs? mine

37. Young or old? young

38. Your image? unsalvageable

39. Your appearance? summoned

40. Would you live your life over again knowing what you know? differently


QP said...

Go ahead berate me for my belated visit to your world, I deserve it. Thanks for clearing up my confusion about your One and Only helpmate. Congratulations and best wishes for umptillion happy days together.

Jean said...

Very few can do memes genius-y-like. You are one!

pamibe said...

You have such a poetic soul.

I never look at my site stats, so I'll take you at your word that everyone's are down. I for one feel very lackadaisical this time of year, in part due to a searing heat malaise. The rest I write off to the crippling black hole that is our government in action.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Thanks, all. QP, ummm... yeah, what took ya so long?

Jean, we need to get together soon. Seriously. But not for anything serious!

Pam, I killed the Truthie Bear a long time ago and am close to killing my Reader, just so I can enjoy what I want when I want!

julie said...

Ha - I never picked up the Truthie Bear (since the truth would have been unbearable).

Kim said...

We're supposed to be posting on our blogs?

Sparrow said...

Kim, we must not have gotten the memo!

I call it malaizy.

Suzette said...

Welcome to another episode of WHEN GOOD BLOGS GO BLAH.

"What is your favorite color?"

I say the memes must die.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Teh many.
Teh narcissists.
Teh Blahggers.

Teresa said...

Blog reading always drops off in summer... that's nothing new. It will pick up again in the fall, just like kids goin' back to school. LOL.

Robin Starfish said...

A barn?!?