Jun 22, 2008

It's Not That He's a Black Person--

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It's that he's the stupidest person to ever run for President, and I think this cartoon sums up the Dim-o-crats pretty succinctly:

h/t Theo Spark

Nevermind that 90% of Americans would have no problem voting for a black man, it's scary to me that even 20% of people could vote for someone so gobsmackingly stupid...

Also, I say that Obama doesn't get to choose his ancestry for us, and say he's "black." He can make a statement about the culture he embraces for his own, but he's just as white as he is black. He may as well be Ward Churchill, ascribing himself a tribe and an identity because he says so.

He has not had the "authentic" black experience --whatever that is-- of the U.S.; he was raised as a person, as far as I can tell, and not as a "black person kept down by the racists," which he would do well to return to.

I could respect him, as a "person," but he is just another political hack using race as a leg up.

Black voters who who want to embrace Obama's manufactured blackness are free to do so, and somehow that makes him authentic in their eyes. Love is blind, and all that. But nothing will change the fact that, as a "person," he's just another Chicago political player who has never been tested in the fire. Being married to an angry and unhappy woman doesn't count.

Oh he thinks he's been tested, and Brokaw is never going to cross the Rubicon of his career and throw a hard question at a black man, lest he seem racist. Obama's already paving that path pretty thickly, that's how scared he is of a real question that doesn't contain the phrase, "as a black person..."

But let Walter Williams or Thomas Sowell have a crack at him. Let them question his experience, black or otherwise. Let them quiz him tightly on financial policy, social equity, and foreign experience, and truly slimy associations with really awful people. Let them look him in the eye when he starts spinning a whopper and have them give him the thrashing he so thoroughly has been denied. (Note to the media: you're a bit too late to be thrashing Bill Clinton so long after the fact. It's not that you're just now seeing his weaknesses, you're just now tired of them since he affords you no access to power. Not that I'm complaining; dogs and fleas and all that.)

Obama is a bit old to be so untried as a man. He may yet be a man, even a good man, but how can he know? He's stayed in the middle of the pack, played safe, and surrounded himself in an echo-chamber for 20 years. Any man of any color would be easily picked off in the early rounds with such a personal resume.

Too many easily-opened doors, preferences, deferences, and soft-ball media interviews have made the man arrogantly overconfident of his ability to grasp things. His political tinnitus keeps him from hearing the heartbeat of his own conscience and he's losing himself to his handlers and his own fantasies of what he thinks the job is going to take. The media is doing us no favors in protecting this guy.

Maybe America will wake up and realize that a President should be smarter than a fifth grader. But with an electorate that increasingly proves itself unfit for a game show, I don't hold out much hope for that sort of change.


Anonymous said...

The sorosian Candidate. ;~)

hoosierboy said...

amen, you are right on the mark

john-holton said...

And they said that W was stupid...admittedly, not the brightest crayon in the box, but 0bama makes Bush look like Einstein.

Richard said...

When the people that are backing Obama are at the fourth grade level, a fifth grader looks really smart.

pamibe said...

Excellent. Your premises are spot on!

Hammer said...

Whatever he is, he is an afro-centric, socialist with an America bashing agenda.

Is this the best the Democrats can come up with?

PeggyU said...

let Walter Williams or Thomas Sowell have a crack at him

I would so pay an arm and a leg to see that!

Kim said...

Dude, you are so smart. Scary.

TalkinHorse said...

Argghh said it all. Obama stands in solidarity with the racist hatemongers of the Trinity Church, where they damn America and cheer the 9/11 attacks and the murder of 3000 people in the WTC. Sweet words come out of his mouth, and we're supposed to forget that this ugliness is at the heart of his short track record. He wouldn't wear the lapel flag (until recently) or place his hand on his heart for the National Anthem. His wife is outspoken in her contempt for America. The obvious explanation is he's simply a deceptive politician and a despicable human being. If we want to be generous, we can allow for the possibility that he merely used his lowlife associations as a means of ascent, but perhaps he's not evil in his heart. To encourage us to accept that explanation, his history would have to move far beyond the scum he's served and praised. Ending his attendance at this church a few months before the election doesn't cut it. He needs to put in his years doing the right thing, not saying the right thing while doing the wrong thing. If the voters of this nation can't see the problem here, our future is in great peril.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Right on, Sista!
Besides Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell you do a damn fine job exposing this imposter for what he really is!

Outstanding post, Joan!