Jun 30, 2008

My Vote-getter? The Man in the Poncho.

When there's a Real Man running for President, you gotta be thankful for the opportunity to vote for him!

Go and show your support!

I'd run for President myself, in this climate.
My campaign slogan: "You could do worse. Heck, you've already done worse!"

At any rate, there's nothing shameful any more except for politics itself, so I guess my ignoble upbringing and tales of secret heartache and shame wouldn't make much of a headline. And I'm a good project manager, know how to delegate, and I could promise not to actually do anything. At all. Nuthin'. Except for maybe nuking Iran. I'd be known as the Vacationing President. I'd show up somewhere and declare a party! And veto anything that wasn't about allowing offshore drilling and Anwar development.

h/t to HossierBoy.


pamibe said...

A cross eyed dog would be better than either Hill or Obama, so Dax has my presumptive vote!

hoosierboy said...

danke for the linkee

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Joan of Arrgghh! for President!

With an agenda (or lack thereof) like that, I'm purty sure our Founding Fathers would've voted for you. :^)

BTW, who would be your VP?
And please! Please, make John Bolten Secretary of State! Ha ha!
I would pay real money to see that!

Francis W. Porretto said...

How would you feel about Stephen Sumner for President, Joan? Assuming he really existed, of course.

That's the candidate I'm waiting for.