Jun 21, 2008

Oh Wait... One Other Thing--

Just in time for Jimbo's return from Hawaii, we have three new flavors of Three Olives Vodka to sample. Check it out:

Can you get over it? Triple Shot Espresso, Tomato, and Root Beer!

Talk about some great poolside summer flavors!

Maybe hafta try something like a Root Beer Float with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a shot of the RB Vodka, and a bit of seltzer, or IBC Cream Soda.

Then I'd hafta try the 3-shot with the Chocolate Vodka and a scoop of Chocolate ice cream in a martini glass. Then I'd hafta try that combo with vanilla ice cream.

Need to get that lush on the Food Channel, Sandra, to help us come up with more recipes. I think I have a summer project to work on now!


Stacy said...

TOMATO VODKA???!?!?!? I'd say that calls for a Bloody Mary at the very least.

Back when I was a barista, I used to adapt alcoholic drinks into coffee drinks. The Espresso Vodka would do very well in a "candle in the window."

I'm thinking some espresso vodka, some maraschino cherry juice (or grenadine), light cream, soda water...

LeeAnn said...

I've heard of, but never seen, cucumber water... supposedly water with the fresh, nummy essence of cucumber. Maybe tomato vodka, cucumber water, and a pinch of onion salt on the rim of the glass.... Instant RDA of Veggies!

Jim - PRS said...

Yowza!! The Triple Shot Espresso just puckered my nibbitz! I'm going to pester my liquor emporium to stock all three new ones.

Joan of Argghh! said...

I'm just looking out for my fellow Blown-eyeds, Jim. I'm hoping the triple-shot has caffeine, then maybe I can stay awake at the blogmeet.


LeeAnn, that sounds soooo yummy!

Stacy, I got hooked on expresso after a week in Cuba. I can't justify having all my vices in one martini glass, but I'm gonna try!