Jun 21, 2008

People, I'm a Visionary

But I didn't go this far in my previous post about Bacon... behold, Bacon Flavored Floss:

Yeaahhp. Seems you just can't go overboard on bacon.

Last Fall my D.I.L. introduced me to Bacon Flavored Chocolate. Which didn't taste terrible.

But I think I'd rather my breath and the places between my teeth were minty fresh, thanks all the same, Uncrate.

Okay, that's all I got. I'm just tossing the floss out there, ya'll just go on about your day.

Oh, and keep the dog outta the bathroom if you actually use this stuff. Just try explaining to the vet why your pet has a wad of floss obstructing his digestive tract.


PeggyU said...

Bacon Flavored Chocolate? My stomach lurches when I read that! Kinda like Hamburger-Cinnamon Casserole ...