Jun 11, 2008

What A Field Day For The Heat

A thousand Haikus in the street.

Well maybe a couple of dozen. Just stop, children! What's that sound?

It seems to be Haiku Wednesday over at Sparrow's place. Everybody's talking about the heat, but nobody's doing anything about it. Except writing haikus about heat.

Go over there and play with words, children,-- and talk to strangers.

Watch for cars. Have fun.

Updated: from my Frozen Tundra correspondent and a favorite artist comes news of a snowstorm in June. That's not very helpful, Robin!


julie said...

Good one, Joan - you got my vote.

Robin Starfish said...

Mine too. I was late - again - as usual. Not that I would ever vote for myself, mind you.

Here's a little something for the heat.

Sparrow said...

Ah, global warming strikes again!!