Jul 16, 2008

Sick Revelations

I hated waking up at 2:00 a.m. this morning because I knew what was in store for me: 2+hours of hacking cough. So, as I sit here with medicinal Courvorsier at the ready, the quiet consumes me.

It's lovely really, and only punctuated by the zen fountain's quiet music. It used to be on the porch, where I never heard it, and now is nestled into an obscure corner of the kitchen where it provides the softest whisper of tranquil worlds and songs... hold on a sec...

::hack!:: ::cough!::

Being sick over the weekend allowed me to sit in the lounger in the living room and enjoy the view of the wild marsh over the course of a few mornings. I've noted a noisy visitor on my porch, frantically hopping and flitting about, and visiting a corner of the porch over and over again. Then perching on a chair or the rail to belt out a VERY LOUD protest song to anyone who will listen.

I was trying to imagine the cause for the agitation. The porch is pristine, having had new tiles laid, it is free of old spider webs and wasp nests, the sort of things that gather dust and pollen, sand and bugs; things to occupy a bird-brain.

So, what was my little bird buddy so adamant about? This morning it became clear to me as the little guy perched on the rail and looked intently into the house, fixated on... the water fountain!

The fountain has been inside for over a month, but had been outside for a couple of years. Has he newly arrived from out of town, like so many denizens of this area, and just now discovered that things have changed since he was here last? I am just now noticing because of his loud and beautiful complaint.

It occurs to me why the water fountain would run dry so fast out there. Besides evaporation, it must have been a watering hole for little travelers, feathers worn to the pin while doing their Holy work of being fed by His hand.

I see now that it it has fallen to me, in His grand plan, to provide the keg for the happy little birds' parties.

So back outside the fountain goes.

Tempted to put some of my bourbon in it. Heh.


pamibe said...

I'm sorry you're still feeling so bad... you know you could buy another little fountain for the birds outside and keep yours. ;)

Hammer said...

Birds are a lot more intelligent that most people give them credit for.

Good on you for giving the fountain back.

GUYK said...

You are a lady and a scholar! And your generosity is exceeded only by your kindness and good looks..I ain't sure about your feet..

I get a kick out of watching the tree rats and birds fight over who gets to have watery sex in the bird bath..and some of them tree rats..well, the birds had better watch it or they may be on the receiving end if you know what I mean..

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hey, get well soon, Joan!
I'll be prayin for ya.