Jul 20, 2008

Fiddlers on the Roof!

Daredevil Crustaceans invade my porch! Which wouldn't be too noteworthy except that my porch sits about 15 feet above the marsh. This alien invader had to scale 8 feet of porch screen below my balcony (upper floors aren't allowed to screen in the porch) and a few more feet of stucco wall to arrive on the hand-cut India tiles, which he then tap-danced across to my door screen.

A blowing rain and high tide must have made life unbearable in his hidey-hole. This happens every few years, like Christmas Island. We'll be invaded in the pool, parking lot, mail kiosks and even the grass. Valiant little Napoleons feinting with their claw, and scuttling away if you take them on the dare:

It drives the Pepper Dog nuts! And I can't leave my porch door open for her, as the little critters will find their way into my living room and parts beyond. None of them get much bigger than your thumb, but they can sure put a pinch on you if you provoke their wrath. This guy in the picture lacks the large claw. Maybe it's a she-crab? Soup anyone?

Another bonus to living here is knowing that your hair-stylist-- she of the multi-colored hair and sweet-as-pie disposition-- can also tell you where the best fishing holes are. When not cutting hair, she's tending bar, so it's like I've hit the weekend jackpot of a new best friend!

Life is good in the South.


GUYK said...


Erica said...

Oh, you simply MUST airmail a few of those to Hairboy...he'll be clamoring, trust me. Nothing he loves more. Loves love loves crabs.

Send package to:
Hairboy O'Dooshbag
3 Olives Lane
Far Ookin, NJ 08608

Irrelephant said...

THAT is tres' cool! Crab Invasion!

Suzette said...

You are psychic! It's the next New Yorker cover.


Is this where the MSM comes for their ideas?

Joan of Argghh! said...

Whoa! That is freaky! Of course, those crabs are leaving, this one is trying to get in!

North/South thing.

And, since I'm not a Jooette, this crab should know better...

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

That's one huge tick!