Jul 17, 2008

Florida Rain

The rain is falling like lead. It's heavy and warm and dropping straight down, pounding into the spongy marsh. And the air is as suffocating as my flu symptoms.

We're having one of those unmistakable morning rains of summer which makes me think, "a low is forming directly overhead." I'm such a wannabe weather geek; it's hard to avoid after a lifetime of, "we're all gonna die!!" weather forecasts. So, I toggle over to my favorite site to confirm what I already know. I note that it's such an interesting force of sheer gravity on so many rain drops that makes for the thunderous roar, as there is no lightning, no clashing of air temps.

Seems like an inch of rain in 45 minutes-- and the frogs are still complaining!

Good day to stay home and get well.


Hammer said...

That sounds like a hell of a downpour. Did you know that raindrops fall at only 12 miles per hour?

GUYK said...

yeah hammer..but last night on sweetthing's half acre they were going sideways at about 40mph..one hell of a front passed through here..my rain gauge showed two inches and I figure we got more than that because the way the wind was blowing the rain half of it had to have blown on past!

I think it even washed the damn skeets away..I was out this morning without the bug spray on me and didn't get bit..but that could have been because of the garlic I put in my grits this morning..

pamibe said...

"...it's hard to avoid after a lifetime of, "we're all gonna die!!" weather forecasts."

I'm so all over that.

Hope you feel better!

PeggyU said...

Yeah ... have you ever looked up at the sky and contemplated the weight of a cloud? Think about it.