Jul 11, 2008

Home. Sick.

One of my new bosses (husband and wife team. Pity me.) called me last Monday morning to inform that she was getting a huge shot of antibiotics for her case of bronchitis and would be in later that day. I greatly entreated her to stay home. No dice. She arrived, hacking up a lung, no tissue to cover her mouth or hands. Of course she needed to stand around my desk all afternoon.

Tuesday, she decided she needed to ride in a car with me for 4.5 hours, still hacking up the remainder of her lungs.

I'm home today after being slammed by a late afternoon takedown of viral proportions. 36 hour incubation period sounds about right. Fever and chills, thank you very much.

At this point, I'm due some bio-hazard pay and workers' comp for this unpaid day off. But I care about the office I manage, so I'm not going in to play martyr and share all of my viral joy with people I value.

You thought I was kidding when I said I'd rather have another root canal than go to work. At least the Dentist and his assistant were entertaining me with sadistic Little Shop of Horrors stories about dental school. There's even an old-timey sign as you walk into their office that says, "No whining or complaining allowed." Steve Martin had it right:


pamibe said...

Oh, poop. Feel better, little pirate!

PeggyU said...

Nothing sucks like a summer cold - or worse, bronchitis. At least you have a Pepper dog to help out.

Erica said...

inconsiderate douchebags.

some useless fart who i share office space with, and who always gets her knickers in a wad when someone else comes in sick, thought it would be funny to come in one week with strep.

"but i neeeeeeed to do my work or else i won't get paaaaaid." yeah, join reality, you whiny dumbass. and the rest of us don't have bills and rent and myriad expenses?

poor joanie. wish i could send you some chicken soup.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Peggy, am I the only one old enough to remember the ad jingle, "a summer cold is a different animal"?

Thanks Pam and Erica. No chicken soup, but I am sick enough to let them deliver my pizza, hang the delivery fee!

LauraB said...

Send that man of yours to the local traditional Mexican joint and fetch some tortilla soup.

Meanwhile, make yourself a nice little dolly with that moron's face on it and find some nice sharp pins. Not like you're going anywhere.

PeggyU said...

Joan: Was that from a Contac commercial? I be prolly as old as you, and maybe older!