Jul 5, 2008

Obama: The Great White Hope

Barack Obama wants everything both ways. I think that makes him the 2nd Black Woman (Shirley Chisholm beat ya to it!) and the first White Woman to make a serious run for President.

Look, he already hates himself. It's not hard to imagine because if you're white, you've seen it all around you; the self-loathing for despicable behavior you would never dream of doing, but have willfully identified with in a quest for "atoning" for sins that you didn't commit. It's highly dysfunctional, delusional, and narcissistic to believe YOU will be the ONE to heal the hurts of age-old bigotry. But year after year, our colleges turn out guilty white kids who've never done anything more seriously wicked to Black kids than pretend to know how to dance.

I can imagine that Obama's white half, like so many other idealistic young college kids, was indoctrinated with guilt for oppressing the black half. True to the elitist mantra of a social service lifechoice pushed onto students, he becomes a "community organizer" and finds it quite easy to impress the local land-locked denizens with his international background and family history. The Social Service branch of local politics finds him to be a useful pawn for their political ends, and so they reel him in. He's hooked on their identity now and can easily see where the power base resides.

I've left this thought in other comments: how is Obama any different from Ward Churchill, in practice if not in genetics? Churchill decides he's an American Indian and builds up phony creds as a means to his Holy Purpose and tenure. Obama admittedly has more genetic material to back up his Blackness creds, but he still had to actively decide to embrace a culture he was not raised in.

Someone please outline Obama's suffering oppressions for me. Oh, did people look at him askance? Treat him as less than equal? Poor baby! It's as though black people think that skin color is the only factor in social discrimination that counts. Raise your hand, whitey, if you've ever been denied a job, a social entrance, or a membership because you didn't measure up to some arbitrary and pre-determined visual bigotry. It happens. To all kinds of people.

Barry's background doesn't measure up as an identifier. That's really not a problem. But now, he wants to re-associate with his Lost White Twin as he publicly tries to recombine himself into a Whole Person: Live! Today on Oprah! Watch as he hyuks it up with the NASCAR crowd. Laugh as he unashamedly lights up a Camel cigarette and blissfully inhales, while re-setting the 4x4 wheel hubs on his pickup truck. There! See him at the local Country Club wearing a crested sweater and listening to the Dave Matthews Band! Cry with delight to see him, for the first time, find his heart with his right hand as the National Anthem is sung and the Pledge of Allegiance recited... no, he probably doesn't know the words, but we'll let that pass. He is trying, dammit!

Sigh. Very trying.


LauraB said...

Man, when you go for it you do not mince words. Rather, you make mincemeat of the subject.

How spot-on...refreshingly accurate...great end to the day for me. Well done!!

USMC 9971 said...

Outstanding, Joan!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Ha! LauraB, I claim inebriation.

Hey there, Grunt! Nice to see you!

Anonymous said...

I've heard that the g-boys are doing for b. hussein what they did for the chi-coms. Target acquisition? Bloggers. Rumor, I suppose. Luv ya. xo ;~)

Kim said...

You know what? You write what is true. Peeps may not like it, but it's true. You're very quick like that. Scaryily so. I bow.

Kim said...

And I want to amend what I said--stupid peeps may not like it.

Just wanted to clear that up. Not that I'm passing judgment or anything.