Jul 4, 2008

A Sense of Proportion

Proportion? Screw that! It's the Fourth of July! Our Birthday! You can't outdo that.

The day began by sleeping in late after spending half a tank of gas to get to and from a racetrack where they burn that much gas in just a few miles. And an infield full of $100,000+ RVs with every amenity imaginable. And little swimming pools everywhere. And SUVs and gas guzzlers as far as the eye can see.

This morning Pepper Dog and I were off to the beach, where there was a small-town parade (sorry, no pics! I didn't know that the booming metropolis of V Beach would have a parade.) The Magic Beach Motel was decked out in red-white-and-blue bunting that clashed wonderfully with the seafoam green stucco, pink flamingos and neon rabbits.

The beach was overrun with SUVs and pickups, campers and partyers, skim boarders and fisherman. More than one beer-bellied man was assembling a new gas grill while the wife tried to keep the children from drowning in the treacherous currents of Porpoise Point.

Later, we trekked off to Wal-Mart! We decided we could think of nothing more noxious to the predominantly Liberal crowd in this town than to go slumming with the bitter folks clinging to their guns and religion and discount beach umbrellas.

Dinner was Vidalia Bubba Burgers--fully decked, potato salad, baked beans and salad. The South subsists on mayonnaise, I'm pretty sure.

We just now came in from our lovely porch that overlooks the marsh to the south. We have enjoyed three seasons of fireworks from the 2nd story vantage. They set 'em off just a mile south of here, so no need to fight traffic, just sit back and enjoy. It's a crappy cell phone pic, but you get the idea:

Confused storks left the branches of their cedar tree roosts and circled wildly about the marsh during the spectacle. And our poor dog has disappeared downstairs to stare at the wall and channel whatever her inner puppy fears about the booming noises and flashes.

Let's see, what other excesses did we enjoy? Oh yeah, the AC cranked down to "Arctic," even if it is 10 degrees cooler than last year. Until the sun gets more sun spots, I'm preparing for global cooling with a bit of artificial acclimatization.

Gonna watch more episodes of John Adams and call it a day.

America. Totally Worth It.


Paul (aka Joan's son) said...


We celebrated by sleeping in until 2pm(!), then went over to a friend's house, cooked and ate a mess of shrimp and grits, walked down the street to watch no less than three separate fireworks shows from one convenient outcropping into the bay, then back to the house for white russians (the dude abides) and story swapping.

(As a side note, I've noticed that when alcohol is involved, an alarming number of anecdotes revolve around scatological topics...)

pamibe said...

Official best Fourth of July post! LOL!

"America. Totally Worth It."

Amen to that!

Jim - PRS said...

Vidalia Bubba Burgers ... had 'em for dinner today -- also with homemade potato salad. Good eatin'.