Jul 4, 2008

What? Huh? I can't hear you!

Can't get much closer to the action than this:

We had a blast. I hadn't been to a Grand-Am series race before. The Jolly Roger used to do club racing, and my only other time at Daytona was when he raced there. That's right, The J.R., up on the banks of Daytona, hard-charging in his jazzed-up Miata. I might have to rummage around for some pics of that. Meantime, this is a re-run of the J.R. at Roebling for my four regular readers:

But last night at the Brumos 250 in Daytona it was sweet, and LOUD. I said... "LOUD!!" But it made you smile to watch the prototypes diving into Turn One and hear the downshifting complaint of the cylinders backfiring, drivers heel-and-toeing their way into the double-apex turn. We had moved down to Turn One after the start, and had a great view of the inside loop as they dove in and then, seemingly just seconds ...and a mile later, flew out.

A few dust-ups and one spectacular rollover by the RX-8 made for a bit of nail-biting. And the restarts after full-course cautions made for some awesome dicing into Turn One. But everyone drove hard and fair, and it made for a great race. Oh, yeah. I gotta see some more of that!


Velociman said...

The last time I had that much burnt rubber in my hair I was... ah... have I told you lately how hetero I am?

pamibe said...

That looks like fun! Noisy, but fun. ;)

Joan of Argghh! said...

What hair are you talking about, Vman?




Jim - PRS said...

J.R. rocks.