Aug 2, 2008

"Es too much. Lemme sum up."

Here's the deal so far: if you have Internet Explorer for your browser, you won't be able to see any website that has Sitemeter placed in a side frame or widget. Possibly even your own.

If you have a website with the sitemeter widget in the side frames, nobody that browses the Internet with Internet Explorer can see your website before they get an error notice.

There are two things you can decide to do:

If you are able to actually load your website with the sitemeter still intact, then you either already have sitemeter embedded into the BODY of your site's HTML script, or you are using some other browser besides Mr. Gates' lovely IE7.

So, you can either download Firefox in order to see all of your friends' blogs that haven't figured out how to fix it. (Or just wait for MS to get around to it.) But your friends still can't see your site, if you leave the meter on it. (in a widget or side frame.)

Or, you can kill sitemeter, which will make your site visible, but you still won't be able to see anyone else's site that still has sitemeter.

Or you can do both: fix your site, (see previous post) allowing it to keep sitemeter and be visible. And download Firefox in order to see all your friends' sites who haven't fixed, won't fix, can't figure out how to fix their sites.


Jean said...

You should do an on-line computer-help service. You're good!

I'm going to do Firefox soon.

...and, I'm going to wait until tomorrow to officially congratulate you on your blogiversary :-)

Joan of Argghh! said...

Thanks. Actually, I've done a little bit of quote-side spec for a complicated website, and then had to do an 8-page Compensation Plan on the roll-out for the field manual. It's tedious as hell. Hard to do real-time, because you keep backing up with more questions.


julie said...

If you still need a stat-counter for your blogiversary, you might try Clicky. I don't think it has all the bells and whistles of Sitemeter, but it's worked well enough for me.

joated said...

I do believe Sitemeter has fixed the problem. All the sites I go to seem to be working and I haven't I've run into even one this afternoon that's not--even if there's not been a post made to that site for several days.

Bou said...

I went onto the sitemeter site and the admitted being the guilty party and as having fixed it.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Thanks Joan!
I took the surgery option, and cut out the sitemeter cancer.
The surgery was a succes and the patient is recovering nicely, although he may need psychiatric care.

At least now I have another browser to use in case MSN goes on the fritz (yeah, like that's gonna happen).